Can CBD Oil Help Stroke Patients?


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A stroke refers to a situation in which the blood flow to the brain is interrupted. When a stroke occurs, the brain tissues do not get adequate oxygen and nutrients. This leads to permanent damage to the brain tissues. Immediate treatment can reduce complications and brain damage.

Many experts claim that CBD can be helpful to stroke sufferers. Let us see how.

Treatments for patients who suffered a stroke are limited. So there is high interest in the effect of cannabinoids (CBD) on stroke patients. Several pieces of research are in progress to determine whether CBD oil can help stroke patients. Many of these researches focus on how the neurological network functions and also how CBD works in the brain. Shared below is how CBD can benefit brain health.

Many studies suggest that CBD has noticeable therapeutic effects on stroke. CBD oil promotes neuron metabolism and supports calcium ion handling. Calcium ion handling refers to the moving of calcium ions through neurons and this is necessary for neurons to transfer electric impulses.

Oxygen is necessary for all our cells. When the oxygen supply to a cell is reduced, the cell malfunctions and produces free radicals as byproducts. Free radicals are unstable and can destroy the cell. At this stage, our body produces antioxidants that can react with the free radicals, thereby protecting neuron cells. CBD oil and full spectrum CBD extracts contain a high concentration of antioxidants. These antioxidants react with free radicals hence protecting neurons from further damage.

CBD contains terpenes which can improve blood flow to the brain and have other therapeutical benefits. Borneol, caryophyllene oxide, and eucalyptol are some examples of terpenes that can improve blood flow to the brain. Many kinds of research showed that cerebral blood flow improved when full spectrum extracts were used. CBD isolates don’t have terpenes and couldn’t make an impact in stroke patients.

The primary cause of stroke is elevated blood pressure. For a person who had a stroke, elevated blood pressure can increase the chance of another stroke. So reducing blood pressure is among the first things done by a doctor. CBD extracts can reduce high blood pressure. According to a clinical trial, consumption of 600mg of CBD reduced blood pressure by 6 mmHg. Glutamate toxicity is another problem associated with stroke. Studies found that CBD can reduce glutamate toxicity.

Several researches are going on about the effective use of CBD against stroke. Studies suggest that taking 400 to 600 mg of CBD per day can be effective. It is also suggested to use full spectrum CBD oil as it contains necessary terpenes and cannabinoids.

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