Can You Tell Who These Royal Infants Grew Up To Be?


Is there anything sweeter in the world than a baby? It’s no wonder people get a bit excited when there’s a new royal baby on the way. We recently went through a sort of royal baby bonanza over the past few years and with so many new faces in the British royal family, can you recognize these royals from just their baby photos?

Whenever news of the impending arrival of a royal baby is announced in the U.K., the whole world pays attention. An unintentional result of this excitement is a massive boost to the local economy. Royal weddings may bring tourists in higher numbers, but the birth of a new royal baby also brings in tens of millions of tourism dollars on top of what the island nation already brings in during an average year. 

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Thanks to the recent Platinum Jubilee, we got to see the newest generation of royals, including our first look at Princess Eugenie’s almost 2-year-old son August. Can you recognize these baby and childhood photos of the royal family through the years?

A Sweetly Familiar Face

A young boy is looking at the camera while holding two adults
(Photo by RICHARD POHLE/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Is there anyone alive today who couldn’t tell who this chubby cheeked boy is? He’s the spitting image of his father, and this photo in particular is especially reminiscent of his late grandmother thanks to the similar way he looks up from beneath his lashes.

It’s Prince George, of course! The first born of Prince William and Kate Middleton, George is third in line for the throne. The family resemblance between him and his dad is unmistakable, but his head of blonde hair was a gift straight from his grandmother, the late Princess Diana. His hair has darkened a bit to resemble his mom’s brunette locks in more recent years.

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A Very Influential Baby

In this black and white photo, a young toddler smiles. She is wearing a light dress with a beaded nacklace.
(Photo by Picture Post/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

This regal baby was born exactly 100 years after the invention of the camera, but color photography hadn’t yet been achieved. When this photo was taken, she was third in line to the throne, but no one seriously considered that she’d eventually become queen.

It’s Queen Elizabeth II, or Princess Elizabeth as she was known at the time. While her birth generated interest, it was expected that her uncle Edward would ascend the throne and his descendants would rule after him. When he married American actress Wallis Simpson, however, he paved the way for his young niece to one day rule.

The Spitting Image Of His Father

A baby looks at the camera. he is wearing blue gingham overalls over a white long-sleeved shirt
(Photo by Toby Melville – Pool/Getty Images)

We haven’t had a clear look at this little gentleman’s face in quite some time, but his absence from the public eye hasn’t dimmed affections for him one bit. His family recently celebrated their second child’s first birthday, which comes just a month after that of their firstborn.

It’s Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s eldest child. His younger sister Lilibet Diana recently celebrated her first birthday while in London for her great-grandmother’s Platinum Jubilee. The world went nuts for the tiny darling who, like her big brother, inherited Harry’s red hair.

The Face Of A Future King

A young boy walks outside with an adult following him, whose face is out of frame. The boy is wearing jeans and a brown jacket
(Photo by Terry Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images)

He and his mom cut dashing figures as they walked across a field. It’s no wonder she was a world-renowned trendsetter when it came to fashion, and moms from all over also took note of how she dressed her two sons. Though he often draws comparisons to his late mother, in this photo this future king looks an awful lot like his father.

It’s Prince William! Whenever he and his mom Princess Diana were out in public together, she had a habit of keeping him close with a reassuring hand. William and his wife have continued that parenting technique to reassure their own children while attending public events with them.

A Little Troublemaker At Rest

A small baby sleeps while wearing a christening gown

He stole the show at each of the Platinum Jubilee, working his way into the hearts of the millions who tuned in. As the last born of his family, he’s got more than enough personality to make up for his smaller stature. Though he’s sweetly snoozing in this photo from his christening, he sure gave his mom a chance to stretch her parenting muscle while watching the Jubilee parade.

It’s Prince Louis! The third time’s the charm and this cheeky boy has charm to spare. His antics during the Platinum Jubilee might have been a bit naughty, but viewers couldn’t help but be delighted by his over-the-top reactions.

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The Troublemaker Blueprint

A young boy squints at the camera. He is wearing a red sweater with a navy blue collar
(Photo by Jayne Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images)

He’s far from the only scandal-plagued member of the royal family, though his scandals, like his hair, have tended towards the flashy. For all his youthful misbehaviors, however, he grew up to be a philanthropy-minded family man. His shock of red hair came as a surprise to royal watchers when he was born, but now there are several other redheads in the family.

It’s Prince Harry! Now a married man and father of two ginger babes, Harry has matured past the many scandals and controversies that plagued him as a young man. Still, there is a very vocal segment of royal watchers who decry Harry’s decision to step back as a working royal and move with his family to California. It seems his scandalous ways are making a comeback, though only if you listen to certain circles.

Another Redhead In The Family

A young red-headed baby looks into the distance. he is wearing a blue sweater with the UK flag on it
(Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Although his mom’s hair is more of a dark, chestnut brown, this adorable little boy has red locks that remind us of his grandmother. The fiery color is the perfect match for his beautiful eyes and looks especially eye-catching against his darling light blue sweater.

It’s August Brooksbank! While young August was enjoying his first Jubilee with his mom Princess Eugenie, we were enjoying our first look at him! He’s the eldest of Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew’s grandchildren, with his cousin Sienna arriving a full ten months after this bouncing baby boy.

The Apple Of Her Parents’ Eye

A young baby sleeps under blankets, wearing a cream colored hat
(JOHN STILLWELL/AFP via Getty Images)

She’s the only daughter in her family, but she doesn’t let her older or her younger brother walk all over her. Our most recent look at her featured her showing the boys how it’s done and correcting their slip-ups in the cutest way possible. This photo shows this tiny princess when she was only a few hours old, which is tradition.

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It’s Princess Charlotte! She’s fourth in line to the throne and one of our favorite parts of the long Jubilee weekend. At 7 years old, Charlotte is joining her family at more public events, though her parents make sure to keep their darling daughter close by.

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