Carla Rockmore’s Clevere Shirt-Tying Tip Is Perfect For Transitional Fall Fashion

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Carla Rockmore has become a style guru for women of all ages, especially Gen X women. The 54-year-old stylist/jewelry designer started posting style advice on social media for a creative outlet during the pandemic.

Her videos became popular quickly, many times featuring easy tips that would elevate any outfit. We particularly enjoyed her advice on packing a capsule wardrobe for a long (awaited) trip.  

Rockmore is fabulous and fifty, but she is anything but frumpy. And she encourages other women to express themselves through fashion. She’s often been called the Carrie Bradshaw of TikTok and her personal style cements this. 

Summer-To-Fall Transition

In a post from July, Rockmore laments about the “175-degree weather” in Dallas. Finding clothes that are comfortable (enough) to wear while outdoors but still account for the blasting AC indoors can be challenging. As we move into fall, chilly mornings but warm afternoons and evenings present a similar struggle.

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To fashionably solve this issue, Rockmore starts her look with a breezy but structured navy shirtdress from her Amazon collection (that is sadly currently sold out). The off-the-shoulder cotton midi-dress is a beautiful summer piece that, like any sundress, can easily transition into fall with the right jacket and pair of shoes.

After picking out a few fun accessories (which you can shop from her store), Rockmore grabs an oversized button-down shirt from Danish designer Britt Sisseck. Keeping in the same color family and fabric as her dress, Rockmore notes that as is, the billowing shirt covers up too much of the dress and causes a “wah wah” silhouette.

Here’s where the magic comes in. Rockmore takes the front two corners of the shirt, pulls them behind her back just above the waist, and ties them together.

“It looks like a bolero from the front,” Rockmore gushes. “The beautiful dress is not hidden in any way. And from the back, it’s like the Valentino cape I just saw going down the fall 2022 runways.”

And it does look like all of those things. We love the concept of taking everyday items and styling them in such a way that they feel new and innovative, which this tip definitely does. Plus, not only does it work with any summer dress you may wish to wear into fall, but easily with a short sleeve or sleeveless shirt as well.

Finally, Rockmore adds some “tchotchkes” like vintage bangles and a large Christian Dior bag to finish the look. It’s such an easy outfit to recreate!

Want to try the style tip yourself? Here are some great tops to try:

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