CBD Cream And Lotion: The Pros And Cons

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The CBD industry has flourished with the legality of CBD being declared in many US cities. Many countries including Germany, France, Greece, and Denmark have made hemp-derived CBD legal. This decision has opened the doors for many people who were ailing from various illnesses and wanted an alternative to the much-abused aspirins and painkillers. CBD is the answer to many problems that plague modern society. Although in use as far as 2727 BC, in Feudal China as a cannabis-based tea, CBD has undergone improvements in its production and extraction leading to its immense want by today’s generation!

We are to look into the pluses and minuses of using CBD in the form of a lotion. But before we jump right in, let us first understand what CBD is…

CBD or Cannabidiol is found in the extraction of the cannabis plant. The CBD is grouped under “Cannabinoids” and involves many other cannabinoids such as THC. The marijuana plant contains 100’s of such natural compounds!

CBD products are believed to cause intoxication, and this is a misconception that has been doing rounds lately. Understand that marijuana contains many cannabinoids, especially THC. The THC is what causes the effects of euphoria and delusion when you ingest or inhale it. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is a psychoactive substance that causes this! The CBD on the other hand has no such psychoactive properties and consuming it is perfectly safe.

Depending on the product and type of extract, the percentage of THC varies. Full-spectrum CBD’s have higher quantities of THC, compared to isolated CBD. But in general, the percentage of THC is around 0.3% which is not enough to get an adult anywhere near to getting “high”.

The types of CBD products vary. These are the broad classifications of CBD oil include:

  • CBD Oil: This is devoid of any THC. It is very potent in terms of CBD concentration and used to treat a majority of ailments.
  • Hemp-Derived Oil: Like CBD oil it also contains no THC, however, the quality is slightly lower in comparison to CBD oil
  • Marijuana-Derived Oil: These have THC in them in small quantities, and can cause intoxication
  • Rick Simpson Oil: Contains close to nil CBD and mostly THC only.

CBD causes desirable effects when it interacts with various neuron receptors scattered in the body. The CBD reacts with receptors CB1 and CB2 that are present in the Endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a vital biological system that is present in all mammals, and control functions relating to cardiovascular, nervous, and immune system functions! The reaction in turn causes reductions in pain and inflammation, overall relaxation, and helps soothe anxiety among many other benefits.

CBD Creams: Lotioning Your Pain Away!

CBD lotions are a great way of targeting CBD towards a particular sight or joint. The idea of slipping out a small container of the CBD cream at work, and applying it on your temples to soothe your migraines screams ease and discreetness! Or if your elbow hurts after the match of tennis you played last evening, then simply apply a generous dollop of the cream on to the area and watch it work its magic!

Your Skin Will Thank You!

CBD creams are effective in reducing inflammation on the skin, help revitalize and retain youthfulness, removes puffy eyes. They contain antioxidants that help diminish wrinkles and crow’s feet. These are also packed with a hydrating fatty acid, so help in hydrating dry skin and fight against acne-causing bacteria. If you are someone who has oily skin, fret not as CBD lotions help you as well!

Works For You Longer

CBD lotions work hours after you take them. Sometimes up to even 5-6 hours!

They Take A While To Work

The CBD content in these forms of products is much lower when compared to others such as vaping and ingestion. Not only the CBD content, but the way it works is also different. CBD lotions act on receptors on the epidermis or skin and don’t make their way into the bloodstream per se. Other forms however travel through the bloodstream! This means CBD lotions take longer periods of time to get to work. The bioavailability of CBD lotion is low (4-6%), compared to that of vaping and sublingual (20-40%). The bioavailability defined in percentages is the actual amount of CBD that actually ends up getting absorbed and helping you.

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