Celebrity Dentist Dr. Trevor Thomas on “Ethical Philosophies as a Cosmetic Surgeon”


If you haven’t heard of Dr. Trevor Thomas, you will. He recently performed dental work for Chrisean Rock, girlfriend of Billboard’s Hot 100 platinum recording artist Blueface. He gave her a dental implant that featured a portrait of Blueface. Dr. Trevor Thomas is a well-known celebrity dentist who has worked with many other notable entertainers such as Migos’ members Offset and Takeoff, as well as Amber Rose, Neyo, Michael Blackson, Tyga, Bobby Shmurda, Chief Keef, Miracle Watts, Lala Milan, Watch Jazzy, and more. He continues to experience success as a professional because he is actively restoring truth and transparency to help patients understand their oral health.

Dr. Trevor Thomas is the founder of Corona Hills Modern Dentistry, and Dentists of Studio City, establishments that offer dental health services to their clients. He demonstrates his clinical skills to balance proper function with high esthetics to ensure everyone he interacts with has a better smile.  His authenticity is founded on ethical philosophies that guide all his endeavors, actions, and decisions during actual practice. A purely moral act that has no hope of any immediate and visible effect, can indirectly and gradually, over time, gain in significance.

Being a celebrity dentist and cosmetic surgeon has never been an easy undertaking for Dr. Trevor Thomas largely because he encounters dilemmas that more than often threatens his morals. It is during these moments that he asks himself what good and bad consequences will probably result from his action. Many healthcare professionals envision the best or biggest outcome after they make a decision forgetting that even the smallest good can make an impact in the life of a patient. Dr. Trevor Thomas believes that basic things such as creating rapport and reassuring a client goes a long way to complementing their smile, even if the operation done on them, was a success.

 Dr. Trevor Thomas says that ethical actions can often entail short-term pain but will always result in long-term gains. In comparison, unethical actions frequently have short-term gains, which make them so attractive. In the medical profession, unethical actions will always result in an ultimate collapse, usually in unexpected ways. This is where the ethical philosophy of veracity comes in. Dr. Trevor Thomas reiterates that professionals should respect all persons by being truthful. Being a dental and cosmetic surgeon can prove to be daunting at times, especially when one knows the truth might hurt the feelings or mindset of a patient. Veracity should prevail at all costs.

Dr. Trevor Thomas says, “you need to have a make-it-happen attitude to be successful and excel in this industry. I aim to take being hungry and humble to a new level. You have to think outside of the conventional box to do so. I want to meet my patients where they are most comfortable! The overall goal is to deliver the care they need while adhering to ethical principles and philosophies”.

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