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Resemblances run strong in the British royal family, and there are some striking similarities between the newest generation of young royals and their predecessors. New photos of the photogenic tots have been shared thanks to the recent Platinum Jubilee celebrations and it’s clear that this new bunch of youngsters bear uncanny resemblances to their elders. 

Young Royals Steal The Show At Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee proved to be a goldmine of entertainment for royal watchers around the world. The festivities stretched from June 2 through June 5 and it was the first chance in a long time to see the older generations of the royal family interacting with the new generation. 

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Prince Louis, of course, stole the show at every event he attended with his sometimes naughty antics. He was far from the only royal kid on display during the long weekend, however, and royal fans couldn’t help but coo over their first glimpse of Princess Eugenie’s baby boy August. 

He looked ever so dashing in his blue sweater with a jaunty London Jack emblazoned on it. While the resemblance between him and his mom is too striking to be denied, we couldn’t help but notice how much baby August looks like his cousin Prince Harry.

Baby August Twins With Cousin Prince Harry

Split image. (L): Princess Eugenie is sitting and in her lap is a young August Brooksbank wearing a sweater with the UK flag on it. 

(R): Princess Diana is wearing an emerald green blazer and pearl necklace and holding a baby Prince Harry, who is sporting a white jumper.
(Photos by Chris Jackson (L) and Jayne Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images)

Both are redheads, which August likely inherited from his grandmother Sarah Ferguson, while Harry got his ginger locks from his mother’s side of the family (though his grandfather Prince Philip also sported a reddish beard back in the day). There’s also a similarity in the shape of the two boys’ eyes, so it’s clear as day that these two are related. 

Our next royal doppelgängers should come as no surprise. While his older brother Prince George generally draws more comparison to their father Prince William, Prince Louis could double for his sire’s twin. Helping the resemblance along was the fact that little Louis was wearing a white shirt with a blue trim collar in tribute to an outfit his dad had worn when he was his age. 

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Prince Louis His Father’s Son

Split image: (L) - Prince William as a toddler, smiling and waving with both hands. he is wearing a white button-down shirt.

(R)Prince Louis is wearing a white shirt and looking off into the distance. His mother, Kate Middleton, is on right of the picture, whispering in his ear.
(Photos by Chris Jackson (L) and Jayne Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images)

Though William was a bit more blonde as a tot, his locks later darkened to about the color of Louis’ hair. What really drives the resemblance for us is the expression on William’s face. It’s so similar to the many cheeky expressions Louis pulled throughout the Jubilee weekend, it’s almost spooky. 

Speaking of spooky resemblances, let’s take a look at Princess Charlotte, the only daughter of Kate Middleton and Prince William. Like her younger cousin Lilibet Diana, Charlotte was also named in honor of her grandmothers Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana.

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Unsurprisingly, the person that Charlotte is compared to most often, outside of her mother of course, is her grandmother Diana. Looking at a childhood photo of Diana, it’s clear to see why these comparisons are only likely to increase as Charlotte gets older. 

Princess Charlotte And Grandmother Princess Diana

Split image of Princess Charlotte (L) wearing white coat and smiling
(R): Princess Diana as a child, smiling and wearing a red dress and blue sweater
(Photos by Jonathan Buckmaster-WPA Pool and Fox Photos/Getty Images)
(Right) Lady Diana Spencer (1961 – 1997) later the wife of Prince Charles, 1969. (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)

Charlotte’s honey-colored hair is almost an exact match for her grandmother’s when the two were about the same age. There’s also something so reminiscent of Diana in Charlotte’s shy, sweet smile. Even her lovely, deep-set eyes have been passed down to her from Diana. The young princess’ other namesake also left her mark, but there’s another great-granddaughter who bears an uncanny likeness to the British monarch. 

Baby Lilibet Diana’s Spitting Image Of Queen

Lilibet Diana’s first birthday portrait set the internet ablaze as people marveled over how much the little girl took after her father. She has inherited Harry’s fiery locks much like her older brother Archie. Though the resemblance between Lili and her father is clearly undeniable, there’s something about her toothy grin that reminds us of her great-grandmother’s first birthday portrait. 

A black-and-white photo of Queen Elizabeth II as a baby. She is wearing a dress, sitting in a chair, and smiling widely at the camera.
June 1927: A portrait of Princess Elizabeth, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of York. (Photo by Picture Post/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

With those chubby cheeks and a grin that was full of personality, Queen Elizabeth was a captivating toddler and she obviously passed that charm directly to her newest namesake. This is a bit of a stretch since babies tend to share a lot of similar features, but we can’t help but think that Lilibet and the baby queen have the same hands. 

We’re eager to see what type of person each of these royal youngsters grow up to be and if their personalities will also resemble some of their royal lookalikes.

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