Cher Has Created A Scent To Match Iconic Decades Of Her Career


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In the mid-nineties, a few years before her major comeback album Believe, I dressed as ’60s-era Cher for Halloween. Towering over the other fourth graders, with my long dark hair and my trusty sidekick Sonny (Sara) by my side, we were something to see. I mean, we were probably the best (only?) 10-year-old Sonny and Cher Western Kentucky had experienced.

If you, too, are a Cher fan, you likely have a favorite Cher decade. There are so many iconic looks to choose from, everything from her flower child days of the ’60s to her teased air and racy fishnet jumpsuit in the late ’80s.

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She’s been a fashion and beauty icon forever, and now she has a new line of fragrances released in partnership with Scent Beauty: Decades.

Turn Back Time With These Body Mists

Cher’s Decades Couture body mists are unisex and use sustainably-sourced formulas. Experience all four of Cher’s Decade’s perfumes or pick your favorite decade.

Cher ’60s Couture Body Mist has base notes of patchouli, just like much of the ’60s. It also has a base of amber and top notes of bergamot and clove. It’s warm, spicy, and bold, just like Cher.

The middle notes or heart (of stone) of Cher’s ’70s Decades body spray is saffron. This woody, earthy scent is accompanied by top notes of cardamom and base notes of musk. It’s a scent that can be worn daily without feeling overpowering or too intense.

The ’80s brought about an Oscar win for Cher. She’s just one Tony award away from the coveted EGOT. And although this body mist won’t help her get to EGOT status, it might win some awards of its own. Cher’s ’80s Couture body spray is fresh and floral with notes of mandarin and honeysuckle. The heart of the mist is gardenia.

Lastly, Cher’s ’90s Couture is a fresh and fruity scent. With top notes of peach nectar and jasmine and base notes of sandalwood, this body mist embodies the ’90s.

An Amazon customer said, “Initially, I had only purchased the ’90s spray … I loved it so much that I decided to buy the other three as well! They all smell so good.”

So, if you want to turn back time and relive one of your favorite decades, these Cher body mists won’t disappoint!

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