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To produce music that lasts through time and generates a chilling sensation in the listeners that makes them want to hear more such beauties requires a tremendous degree of expertise. However, we long for the days when music determined societal change, and made a lasting impact on the listener. We also miss excellent composition and those fantastic words that affect you and talk to you, inspiring you to ask questions to reflect on your own life, get out there and do something with your life! However, there is still hope. Chianne, a recording artist, singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles and pioneer of the Conscious Pop genre has released her new single, “No Matter What”.

Last weekend, we had an interactive talk with the powerful, committed, and multi-talented artist, Chianne (actual name Cihannur Ozgur). Chianne, as one of the pioneers of the Conscious Pop genre, is undoubtedly poised to continue her ascension with nonconformist musical compositions and poignant themes. She describes her music and the genre of Conscious Pop as a kind of mainstream pop music blended with uplifting meaningful lyrics about important topics such as self-love, self-worth, authenticity, self-realization, unconditional love, mental health, etc. Something we all long to hear more on the radio- the music with meaning that inspires and empowers us to realize our own worth, follow our hearts, listen to our inner voice,  go after our dreams and be authentically unapologetically ourselves regardless of what others say or think of us. That’s what Chianne’s songs are all about.

During the conversation, we discovered her enthusiasm and love for music and how much she cares for her fans and listeners. She hopes that her new single, No Matter What will motivate people to always be true to themselves and find the courage and faith to go after their dreams.

“ One step forward and

Two steps back

Every time that I got too close

Got a panic attack

I’ve been told

That it couldn’t be done

And now I’m scared that if I make it there

I’m in over my head…”

Through these lines in her new song, she communicates her own fears, doubts and insecurities and tells everyone that it is natural to feel afraid, but the most important thing is to stand up, face them all at once and keep going. With the following lyrics;  “Everything I’ve wanted is on the other side of the fear”; she inspires us that the dreams we have are a preview of who we are supposed to be so if we push through the fear and keep going, we’ll be guided and we are capable of realizing our dreams. What a fantastic song to kick off the new year with.

When Chianne created this song, the one message she wished to propagate amongst the young was “to believe and follow your dreams.” So she wanted to promote positivity all over the place with her fantastic song. After listening to the music, you will realize how strongly she believes everyone can win the world by listening to their hearts and intuition. So just keep going and listening to her lovely inventions.

Chianne has dedicated her life to exploring the new frontiers of consciousness and uplifting, inspiring, and empowering others to nurture self-love and live a fulfilled life connected with their true selves and purpose. ‘No Matter What’ is simply the next step in realizing her ambition and objective. So listen to this incredibly passionate song and live the life you truly wish.

To give a short summary about her voice and her musical achievements in a very short amount of time; She has a very wide vocal range almost similar to Mariah Carey, including whistle register and she can sing in several languages, including English, Turkish, Italian, French, and Spanish. She was a finalist in the annual 97.1 AMP Radio We Can Survive concert’s Opening Act competition out of 14,000 competitors. Her recent song “Truly Free” also brought her a semi-finalist position in The Road To Nashville’s international song contest. She was in the top 50 out of over 20,000 submissions from 31 countries, proving her global appeal and success. Her songs have up to 130+ thousand streams on Spotify. Her song “New Me ” was charted as number one in WVYC Radio and is featured in the soundtrack for the Young Artist Award winning film “A Holiday Homecoming” directed by two time Telly Award winning director Candice T. Cain. Her first music video “Flames” received over 181 thousand youtube views. She attracted public attention and so far her music was covered in 70 different publications worldwide. She achieved all those as an indie artist, proving that you can succeed as an independent artist in the music industry.

To learn more about Chianne, visit her Instagram page at @chianneozgur.

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