Chris Kattan Undergoes Surgery, Cancels Stand-Up Dates Amid Serious Health Concerns


Actor and comedian Chris Kattan was recently hospitalized and underwent emergency surgery for a serious health issue. The procedure was successful, but Kattan was forced to cancel dates on his comedy tour.

Kattan’s Scary Bout Of Pneumonia

Sources close to the comedian informed TMZ that Kattan recently came down with streptococcus pneumoniae, a serious case of pneumonia. This past Sunday, he was rushed to the hospital and had to undergo emergency surgery. 

Thankfully, the surgery was successful and Kattan is now recovering in the hospital. TMZ reported that, if all continues to go well, he will be ready to go home by Friday. Fans are glad Kattan is okay, but many are disappointed about the disruption to his tour schedule. 

Kattan was set to perform in Valparaiso, Indiana, on Friday, but that appearance has been rescheduled. The comedian also had some other tour dates lined up, which will also have to be rescheduled. 

His Choice To Stay Out Of The Spotlight

Kattan has been out of the spotlight recently. He rose to stardom with his hugely popular run on Saturday Night Live, where he worked from 1996 to 2003. The comedian was well known for his recurring characters Mango, Mr. Peepers, and one of the Butabi Brothers, as well as his impressions of figures like Clay Aiken, Steve Irwin, and Kid Rock. 

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The actor has continued to appear in movies, with roles in Nancy Drew, Hotel Transylvania 2, and The Ridiculous 6. Kattan also competed on Dancing with the Stars in 2017. However, he made a decision to step back from acting and the physical comedy that made him famous. 

Kattan suffered a serious spinal cord injury while performing on SNL and underwent five surgeries. These procedures also led to addiction struggles, which also affected his acting career. 

Kattan Says ‘SNL’ Is ‘Healthier’ For Him Now

He has also returned to SNL over the years and, while Kattan says his relationship with the show is “complicated,” it’s still a home for him. “Whenever I go back to visit, everyone opens their arms and are so sweet,” Kattan explained. “It’s a different energy than it was when you [were] in the cast. It’s healthier.”

Kattan has been slowly coming back into the public eye and appearing publicly on his comedy tour. Fans of the comedian are happy to see him performing again and are wishing him a speedy recovery!

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