Could Your Smartphone Help You Design Your Next Kitchen?


Are you designing a new kitchen or planning to remodel your existing one? If so, you may not have considered ways in which your smartphone could help you. Instead of hiring an interior designer or pulling out your notepad, could a phone really help you with your plan and designs? Given that modern smartphones have the same power and capabilities as laptops did a decade ago, it is perfectly possible to save yourself time, money and effort by using your phone to create the design of your new kitchen. Here are three apps that should help.

  1. Floorplanner
    Floorplanner is actually a website-based design tool for creating a floor plan of any room in your home. You can access it from any computer including the web browser on your smartphone but you can also download a Floorplanner app directly to an Apple iPhone. Floorplanner has ‘drag and drop’ functionality and a huge library of pre-drawn images. You are bound to find pictures of ovens, fridges, furniture and countertops similar to the ones you own or plan to use in your kitchen design.

Yea or Nay?
The catch with floorplanner is that the basic version is only free for one home. If you need more images, multiple designs or more functionality such as sharing the design via the cloud, you’ll have to pay for the upgraded version. Nevertheless, the free Floorplanner demo can be useful for people planning a kitchen in terms of seeing how furniture, fixtures and fittings may best fit into the available space. If you have an Android device, Floor Plan Creator is a quality free app that does the same thing as Floorplanner.

2. Kitchen Design by Minideveloping
There are dozens of apps similar to Floorplanner and Floor Plan Creator that let you plan the layout of your kitchen but what about the actual design? Kitchen Design contains a vast kitchen image gallery to provide you with inspiration for the design of your kitchen. Under various headings such as ‘Colorful’, ‘Classic’, ‘Modern’ and ‘Avant-gard’, you will find hundreds of images of kitchens with various color combinations, materials and styles. This app should help you choose appliances, decorations and furniture for your kitchen.

Yea or Nay?
Although you can zoom and swipe the images, this app isn’t a room planner and you cannot build up an image of your kitchen. This app is great for giving you inspiration during the design process. There is a bookmark folder where you can store images of ideas that you find when browsing online.

  1. Udesignit Kitchen 3D planner by HB Conception Virtuelle Inc
    The latest smartphones have over two gigabytes of RAM (Random Access Memory), more than enough to run Udesignit Kitchen 3D. This paid app that combines the merits of both a room planning app and a design app. Using your phone, you can easily design your kitchen using a large selection of furniture, doors and cabinet imagery. You start with the 2D top-down plan just as you would on a free room planner app. The advantage of this app is that you can then view your plan in an interactive 3D view. You can zoom, move and make changes to your style and combinations.

Yea or Nay?
If you are keen to create a fully interactive plan of your new kitchen design, this app is for you. Although the choice of materials and items is limited and you may not find the exact same items in a store, this app can definitely help give you a basic idea of how your finished kitchen design will look.

So, there you go – three ways that your smartphone really can help you plan your next kitchen. Which other ways have you heard of? Leave us a comment or question below!

Hugo Esteban

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