Courteney Cox’s Attempt To Mimic TikTok Dances Is Exactly How Gen X Feels

With an 18-year-old daughter at home, Courteney Cox is no stranger to TikTok trends. In a recent video posted to Instagram, Cox decided to attempt the internet sensation most Gen X parents probably know about by now: TikTok dances.

‘I Can Do That… I Mean… Yeah, No I Can Do That’

Last week, Courtney Cox took to Instagram to remind us why some TikTok trends shouldn’t be tried at home. Cox got her first taste of fame by appearing in Bruce Springsteen’s 1984 music video for “Dancing In The Dark.” While the music legend pulled a young Cox on stage with him all those years ago, it’s clear her love for dancing never faded.

In a hilarious new video, Cox filmed herself watching a clip of Fleur Zwartkruis—a child dance protégé from the Netherlands with over 100K Instagram followers. In the video, Zwartkruis shows off her killer moves to “The Way You Make Me Feel” by Michael Jackson.

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Cox is clearly into it. “Oh, I love this girl,” the Scream star says. “She’s so good.” Then, she starts down a slippery slope. “I can’t believe I can’t do that anymore… I can do that,” Cox insists. And finally, with more conviction: “I mean… Yeah, no, I can do that.”

Then, the Friends star sets up the phone so she can show off her moves—and that she does. With a clap of her hands, she starts with some twists. Then, with a horrendous cracking sound, you see Cox bend over. Cut to a shot of an ambulance driving away with its sirens blaring.

Courteney Cox Is The Gen X TikTok Star We Didn’t Know We Needed

Can we just say—same, girl? The video drew big laughs from some big names. Jack Black, Melanie Griffith, and Octavia Spencer all commented with laughing emojis. It just goes to show that Cox’s video was beyond relatable—but this isn’t the first time she brought her comedy to social media.

Over the last couple of months, Cox has been proving she’s just as funny off-screen as she is on. Back in June, she did the shirt-ripping trend where she hilariously used her friend’s tee shirt to wipe down her countertop.

Last month, she hopped on a trend where people were testing their dog’s intelligence. As she found out, not all puppies think the same way.

Then, she posted a hilarious video where she nodded to her recently-reprised Scream role.

Here’s hoping Cox keeps making our Instagram feeds a little bit brighter with her timeless sense of humor.

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