Creating the ideal diamond pendant for Brandon Clark at Capri Jewelers.


After being referred to us by a friend, Brandon Clark ventured into Capri Jewelers. As his trust in our craft grew over time, he decided to take on an ambitious project: commissioning a custom diamond pendant with his initials! An impressive feat of finesse and attention to detail – we sourced only the most remarkable VVS clarity emerald cut diamonds with high luster. Ultimately creating an irresistible piece of jewelry art that truly stands out from the rest!

After carefully detailing his exact expectations for a diamond pendant, Capri set out to find the perfect stones. Unsatisfied with anything less than VVS clarity and emerald cut diamonds full of life, we sourced these gems from multiple suppliers until he was satisfied. From there, our artisans got straight to work sketching various designs that catered specifically to him—eventually settling on one beautiful creation!

It was a meticulous process to create the perfect setting for his special piece. We used only top-grade materials like VVS diamonds and gold, taking care in placing each individual stone with exact precision. No detail went unchecked as we inspected every single one numerous times before it was securely set into its exceptional golden home.

After weeks of diligent labor, we presented Brandon with an eye-catching diamond pendant inscribed with his initials. His reaction to the finished product was one of pure joy and admiration – a sentiment that he continues to show off proudly by wearing the piece around his neck!


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