Cruel Rumor Says Cameron Diaz Supposedly Un-Retired To Get Away From Husband Benji Madden

Cameron Diaz is returning to the big screen after eight years of retirement. One new piece of gossip says she’s doing so just to get away from her husband Benji Madden. Let’s take a look at what’s going on with the two.

‘For Foxx’s Sake!’

According to the National Enquirer, Diaz’s decision to unretire mainly stems from her desire to help pal Jamie Foxx. The Collateral actor’s career has supposedly been on a downturn ever since the success of Annie with Diaz. “It’s no secret Jamie’s career has taken a nosedive since then,” a source says. “So when Jamie called and begged Cameron to do the movie Back in Action with him, she couldn’t refuse.”

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Using whatever power her unretirement has, Diaz apparently hopes to help Foxx get back on top. However, the project apparently comes with the bonus of giving her a chance to get away from Madden. An insider says, “Anyone can see that sharing this space with a  rocker husband has been difficult.” Thanks to her retirement and COVID-19, Diaz and Madden supposedly barely spend any time apart. The source concludes, “If anything, it’ll make their relationship stronger!”

How Is Cameron Diaz?

The Enquirer specializes in extracting a kernel of truth and spinning it out of control. The reason Cameron Diaz is coming out of retirement seems to be out of loyalty toward Jamie Foxx. According to People, which is far more reputable than the outlet in question, Foxx pursued Diaz as soon as he got the script for Back in Action. Diaz even wrote on Instagram to Foxx, “Only you could get me back in action.”

That being said, the article throws in two needless claims into this story: the supposedly flagging states of Diaz’s marriage and Foxx’s career. Since Annie, Foxx has starred in films like Baby Driver, Just Mercy, and Spider-Man: No Way Home. He’s doing excellently with 11 different projects in development.

As for Diaz and Madden, they seem totally fine as well. The duo were just spotted walking with their daughter. The Diaz recently said of Madden, “He’s really taught me to value myself a lot more.” She still loves him, so this whole story is ridiculous.

A History Of Feud Gossip

The Enquirer recently announced Foxx was feuding with Bobby Wooten III, the new boyfriend of ex-girlfriend Katie Holmes. He hasn’t said a word about them. It also reported that Foxx broke up with Holmes in 2017, two years before they actually called it quits.

Tabloids are constantly creating drama between Diaz and Madden, but they seem to be a perfectly happy couple. Diaz working with Foxx has everything to do with her loyalty and nothing to do with her marriage.

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