Crypto Influencer Summie Is Paving The Way For Women In The Industry


Though a vibrant industry with opportunities for everyone, women remain marginalized. They have struggled to keep up with men, but this is slowly changing, thanks to vivacious women entrepreneurs such as Summie.

Summie is a successful cryptocurrency influencer and expert impacting the industry. She is the founder and CEO of ICONA Agency, a leading brand helping others understand the intricacies of the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets. Summie is also an author, philanthropist, and influencer with a massive social media following of over 1 million followers. Additionally, she has participated in numerous charitable initiatives, including one where she distributed books to her supporters.

Summie’s major objective is to ease women’s transition into the tech industry. One of her notable achievements is transforming the cryptocurrency sector and assisting people in surmounting the market entry barrier. Through her social media platforms, she highlights opportunities in the cryptocurrency realm and her predictions for the sector’s future. In addition, Summie uses her platform to inspire others, particularly women in blockchain, by sharing her narrative, guidance, and inspirational quotations.

Many regarded Summie with contempt when she first entered the cryptocurrency sector. As a newbie in the Crypto industry, Summie was set back by the impression that it’s a man’s world. Unfortunately, this portrayed her as some weak personality but an innately gifted woman; Summie showcased her works, proving her doubters wrong. As a result, she has established herself as a top professional helping others bring their business to life.

However, big responsibility comes with immense power, resulting in some hateful association. So now it wasn’t only men but a group of unscrupulous individuals who wanted to drag her down.

“These groups reported my account just to see me down. I was suspended, my work stopped and I lost more money trying to rebuild my brand all over again. I made it! And even though I do not have my earlier social media traction, my followers still support me,” says Summie

One of the key highlights Summie has picked is that the journey to success is never an easy route, but there is always a way around every obstacle for hard-working and resilient individuals. A self-made woman entrepreneur, Summie reminds everyone that its focus and resilience will keep you going when things get tough. According to her, not everyone will believe in your dreams, but once you understand your motivation, don’t stop believing in yourself.

“I’d like to remind you that you’ll never be loved and supported by everyone, but once you know your motivation, don’t stop until you get what you need or want. I’ve lost things my whole life, bigger or small losses, but I never stopped trying and that’s why I’m here to tell you my story,” Summie explains.

Therefore, fight for your conviction, as there is a space for everyone and every positive dream in the world. Summie stays committed to growing and expanding her brand to new arcades. A born philanthropist, Summie also aspires to reach and empower more people to realize their dreams. “I aspire to be a giver, a huge humanitarian and an excellent worker,” Summie explains.

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