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Welcome to Season 3

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Season 3: Episode 8 – Hear from Park Place Technologies: B2B CX brilliance brought to life. This week we are delighted to welcome Jennifer Deutsch, Chief Marketing Officer, and Nicola Buckley, Executive Vice President, of Park Place Technologies, and Helen Bywater-Smith, our Ipsos Global Head of CX Service Design. Park Place empowers businesses to improve operational speed and maximise uptime across their digital infrastructures. Jennifer and Nicola talk to us about the secrets behind the organisation’s 30 years of employee growth, technology innovation and company success. You won’t be surprised to learn that a relentless focus on Customer Experience plays a major role! B2B CX-ers, we guarantee you will be quoting chunks from this podcast. For those who you who tuned into Matthias Kraus’ episode last week (Ep. 7), about what makes for great CX measurement and management, this week you’ll hear those factors brought to life. Thanks Jennifer and Nicola – and happy anniversary!

We mention Ipsos’ B2B CX Sessions, our series of roundtable discussions with CX practitioners and experts who work in B2B. Check out the latest reports. If you’d like to hear more from Helen, head to Ep. 3 (Season 3) for her ‘what, when and how’ of CX Service Design.

Find out more about Customer Experience, and Channel Performance: Mystery ShoppingRetail Performance and Retail and Consumer Intelligence at Ipsos, and read about our latest thinking.


Season 3: Episode 7 – CX measurement and management … nailing great! This week we are joined by Matthias Kraus, who leads our Customer Experience business in Germany. He joined Ipsos last year, and we were delighted that he did! He brings with him incredible CX experience, from E.ON where he was VP Customer Insights and Experience, McKinsey, IBM … and just in case, in the words of Shania Twain, that don’t impress you much, he’s an endurance athlete, into ultra-marathons, and long-distance triathlons. So when Matthias describes great CX as a marathon, not a sprint, we reckon he knows what he’s talking about. Join us to learn more about what makes for truly great CX measurement and management. And just when we thought he could not impress us more, turns out he’s a big Customer Perspective podcast fan.

Find out more about Customer Experience, and Channel Performance: Mystery ShoppingRetail Performance and Retail and Consumer Intelligence at Ipsos, and read about our latest thinking.


Season 3: Episode 6 – Take Mystery Shopping Results to the Next Level. How can companies best capitalise on the troves of mystery shopping performance management and strategic data they gather? Three overarching factors are critical. The first two are vital and well-understood by many companies, if not always realised. The third is what can truly elevate a programme, and separate a company from its competition. This week, we are joined by the author of a recently published Ipsos paper, ‘Take Mystery Shopping Results to the Next Level’: Mike Murphy, VP, Client Success in our US Channel Performance business. Mike shares his take on those three factors, including that ‘last mile’ of turning data into a better experience for customers, and improved business results.

Read the paper here, Find out more about Customer Experience, and Channel Performance: Mystery Shopping, Retail Performance and Retail and Consumer Intelligence at Ipsos, and read about our latest thinking.


Season 3: Episode 5 – Service with a smile? Delivering customer experience in the face of mask wearing. Governments across the world have mandated a host of health and safety measures, including the wearing of face masks, to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Many of these regulations mean that customer experiences have fundamentally changed, putting customers and businesses into an unprecedented state of uncertainty. This week of 1st March, we are joined by authors of a new Ipsos whitepaper, ‘Service with a smile? Delivering customer experience in the face of mask wearing’: Jean-Francois Damais, Manuel Garcia-Garcia and Fiona Moss. In this paper, the Ipsos team investigates the extent to which wearing face masks impacts our ability to foster human rapport and build strong relationships, and provides guidance for organisations charged with designing and delivering positive customer experiences within these constraints. With mask wearing likely here to stay, and for some considerable time yet, how do organisations create meaningful ‘masked moments’ that encourage customers to return, spend and recommend, while also ensuring that customers and staff stay safe? Read the paper here, and click here for other recent CX thinking. Find out more about Customer Experience at Ipsos.


Season 3: Episode 4 – Hear from Jo Causon, CEO of The Institute of Customer Service: ‘Customer Experience driving business performance’. This week of 15th February, we are delighted to welcome Jo Causon, CEO of The Institute of Customer Service, along with Jamie Thorpe, our Ipsos MORI Head of Experience Management. Their conversation covers a whole host of subjects dear to our CX heart, among them: the power of CX in delivering financial return, what it takes to create and execute great experiences, CX vs. brand promise, going beyond meeting functional needs to create emotional attachment, closing the loop, the digital and human angle, post lockdown, and what’s next for CX. A genuinely fascinating conversation around the topics that matter to anyone with even a passing interest in the CX space, let alone to those of us who are passionate about Customer Experience! Read a recent paper co-authored by Jamie: Money talks or budget walks – Delivering a Return on Customer Experience Investment: ROCXI. Find out more about Customer Experience at Ipsos, and read about our latest thinking.


Season 3: Episode 3 – CX Service Design: Designing customer experiences to drive business impact. This week of 8th February, we welcome Helen Bywater-Smith, Ipsos Global Head of CX Service Design.  Helen gives us the ‘what, when and how’ of CX Service Design, including her take on what makes for great experiences to drive that business impact – increased retention, share of spend, advocacy and operational efficiency, leading to a Return on CX Investment: ROCXI. Of course, Customer Perspective wouldn’t be complete without those all-important real-life case stories to bring the subject to life.  And thanks for your reading recommendations, Helen – ghosts and memorable moments covered!


Season 3: Episode 2 – Channel Performance: Size, Measure, Drive. This week of 1st February, we welcome Craig Bradley, Ipsos Global Head of Channel Performance. Craig takes us on a ‘whistle-stop tour’ of Channel Performance, describing how we: size channel opportunities and share; measure brand promises and execution, and drive compliance and sales conversion … to improve performance across all sales and service channels – physical, contact centre, and digital – and help deliver profitable growth​.  He updates us on how the business has evolved over the past year, and plans going forward, as we address our clients’ changing business questions.  Get to know Craig, as he shares his passions, including reducing single-use plastic, and driving gender equality #betterbalanceforbetterbusiness.  Of course, we’re always up for podcast recommendations (his favourites – just behind Customer Perspective, of course).


Season 3: Episode 1 – Hear from Patricia Gomez at Banco de Chile: ‘Adapting to a new banking experience’ (in Spanish). This week of 25th January, we are delighted to launch Season 3, by welcoming Patricia Gomez, Head of Clients at Banco de Chile, Chile’s largest bank. Patricia joins Ipsos’ Carolina Smart, Head of Customer Experience in Argentina, and Nicolas Fritis, Head of Customer Experience and Channel Performance for our Latam business, to discuss how Customer Experience is evolving in the banking industry, as a result of the acceleration of the digital transformation, and clients’ new needs.

Patricia describes how service has moved to different channels, how new segmentations are needed to understand customers, and how relationships are shifting from account management-led to involving multiple channels.