Cynthia Nixon Shares Benefits Of Experiencing Menopause With Wife


For people who have life partners, going through changes together is to be expected. People grow older, move, change careers, have children, and endure many shifts in life both individually and as a couple. However, there is one life transition that many women don’t necessarily go through at the same time as their partners: menopause. Cynthia Nixon and her wife, Christina Marinoni, however, have endured this unique experience and believe they’re better for it.

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While in her early 50s, Nixon opened up about going through perimenopause. As she shared with The Telegraph, “I’m in the perimenopause and although I’ve been in it for a year now, it’s starting to really pick up steam.” 

The actress then reflected on what it was like to experience the menopause transition. “I have hot flashes and a lot of hormonal mood swings,” Nixon said, “but just like when you get emotional before your period, it doesn’t mean that’s the crazy you. It’s stuff you’re able to submerge a lot of the time—and that’s the same with the menopause. So, yes, you can have all these crazy mood swings but you can also learn from them: they’re not a mirage.”

Going Through Menopause Is Better Together

What makes perimenopause different for Nixon is that she’s been able to go through the transition with her wife. “What’s hilarious,” she admitted, “is that my wife and I are going through it at the same time.” One can only imagine what it would be like to go through menopause simultaneously with someone else in your family.

Honestly, it could be the best thing that ever happened to some women. Many feel left out of the conversation when it comes to changes within their own bodies. Doctors can have a difficult time pinpointing if some physical symptoms are indicative of menopause or if a more serious medical issue is at play.

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For those who are fortunate enough to experience menopause as part of a community, there is substantial comfort to be found. In Nixon’s experience, entering this stage of life has been a relief. “There has been no sadness for me because once you hit 50, you’re done.” The actress reflected, “The freedom that comes from no longer being fertile is huge.”

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