Dakota Johnson’s Head-To-Toe Denim Red Carpet Look Is Everything


Dakota Johnson recently stepped out onto the red carpet in an ensemble that goes against all the rules of fashion. In fact, we’re reevaluating our fashion sense after seeing Jonhson’s chic look.

On January 19, Johnson turned heads at the Sundance Film Festival when she attended Sundance Institute’s ”Opening Night: A Taste of Sundance” in Park City, Utah. Foregoing the typical dress and glamorous pants suit, the 33-year-old actress upped the ante with a triple-denim look. And she definitely made it work!

The Iconic Look In Question

While an all-denim look typically includes a denim top paired with jeans, Johnson added a new level of sophistication to the Canadian Tuxedo.

On top, the Fifty Shades star wore a midriff-baring denim corset by Magda Butrym under a double-breasted jean jacket. The matching pieces were paired with high-waisted tapered jeans, complete with pleated detailing in the same wash.

Luca Guadagnino (L) dressed in all-black and Dakota Johnson in all-denim outfit
Luca Guadagnino (L) and Dakota Johnson (Photo by Arturo Holmes/Getty Images)

With such a bold look, Johnson chose minimal accessories, allowing the denim to speak for itself. The actress accessorized the ensemble with a Jessica McCormack diamond pendant necklace and black pointed-toe pumps.

To keep all eyes on her chic denim look, Johnson also opted for minimal hair and makeup. She wore her brunette locks loose with her signature bangs and went for a rosy makeup palette with soft pink lips and cheeks.

While the celebrity’s hair and makeup were standard for her, the denim look has us rethinking the Canadian Tuxedo and how we can also bring sophistication to it. 

The Trend Has Been Around For Quite A While

But where exactly did the term Canadian Tuxedo come from? According to legend, the term originated in 1951 with Bing Crosby, when he and a friend were denied entry to a Canadian hotel because they were wearing jeans.

Afterward, Levi’s designed a denim tuxedo for Crosby so that he could have a formal denim look. Since then, head-to-toe denim ensembles have gone in and out of style.

While many of us will never forget the matching denim ensembles that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wore to the 2021 American Music Awards, Johnson’s look adds a new wave of chic to the look. Other stars, such as Hunter Schafer, have also jumped on the Canadian Tuxedo bandwagon.

As denim continues to trend, we can’t wait to see more Canadian Tuxedo looks this year!


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