David Bowie Fans Are Furious At Estate’s Latest Use Of Artist’s Likeness: ‘Don’t Do This’


The fight to end hunger is igniting an all-out war with some of David Bowie‘s biggest fans. Just days after teasing a charity auction honoring the late icon, Bowie’s estate released plans to put the fundraiser on hold. Both announcements led to outrage online with fans calling the tribute to the innovative artist a disgrace to his reputation. 

Breaking Down The Bowie Backlash

The controversy surrounding the fundraiser started after the late artist’s estate announced plans to auction a line of NFT collectibles to benefit CARE, a nonprofit organization focused on fighting world hunger and global poverty. The “Bowie on the Blockchain” collection, which features tributes from nine crypto-artists, immediately struck a nerve with fans. They jumped to the comments on Twitter to share their disgust.

Some fans say the project goes against everything the innovative artist stood for. “David Bowie would not want this,” one person wrote. “What a way to disrespect the man. If you want to donate to charity, then just do it normally instead of using this nonsense!” another person responded. 

Overall, fans support the cause but don’t agree with the NFT sale. “Just doubling down on this tech used solely to harm the environment and scam people? Hard pass. David would not want this and neither should you. I am disgusted to see this trash associated with his name,” a commenter wrote.

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Many commenters begged the estate to reconsider plans. “No,” one person commented, “NFTs are not good news and Bowie would know this. Charity fundraising? Great. Through scamming people with NFT’s? No. Please rethink this.”

From Backlash To Back Burner

Just days after the original announcement, David Bowie’s estate tweeted plans to shelve the fundraiser out of respect for the death of the queen. Many fans hope the temporary delay becomes permanent, and once again, they jumped to the comments to share their disgust. 

“Postpone it indefinitely instead,” one person tweeted. “Y’all could just admit it was a horrible idea so far out of line with what Bowie would ever want or do,” another person wrote.

“Well, even if you’ve used the death of the Queen to cover up for the absolute drubbing you’ve had on here about this, at least you’ve made half a good decision,” someone else wrote. “Feel free to quietly drop it entirely without telling us.”

Despite their disdain, fans say they look forward to honoring the late musician. Many pledged to support the charity without participating in the auction. “Charity, yes. Art, yup. NFTs, nah,” another person commented. “I feel like this is really testing me as a fan. Maybe I’ll go and buy a water bottle or a pen for a grand.”


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