Diana Ross Fans Infuriated By ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestants For A Second Time


Most fans of Jeopardy! trust the contestants to get the facts straight, but every so often, there are slip-ups. Some detail-oriented fans recently blasted the game show after two competitors got questions about a pop legend and a former president very wrong. 

‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Overestimates Ross’s Age And Infuriates Fans

The trouble started with a question about pop legend Diana Ross. The category “A Number Between 1 and 100” had contestants guessing numbers. The clue, “Your standard phonograph record until the 1950s, or the age Diana Ross turned in 2022,” didn’t seem to help out. 

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Contestant Jake Marvin guessed—incorrectly—that Ross was 90 years old. The real answer? 78. While some chalked this up to an innocent mistake, Ross’ dedicated Twitter followers were quick to criticize Marvin for overestimating the singer’s age by so many years. 

“Jake made me feel old that he didn’t know there were 78 LPs, or that Lady Diana Ross was 78,” one Twitter user groaned. “Then, he guessed the iconic Miss Ross was 90 years old.” Another wrote, “Poor Diana Ross. Why do contestants think that beautiful woman is so old?”

It’s Not The First Time

Others pointed out that this is not the first time Ross’ age has a topic of conversation on the game show. During a previous round earlier this year, contestants guessed the singer was 95 years old.  

“future @Jeopardy contestants should learn one thing & one thing only: Diana Ross’s actual age,” someone instructed. Another wrote, “Poor Diana Ross. She always gets insulted on a Jeopardy question.”

Another Simple ‘Jeopardy!’ Mistake

That wasn’t the only gaff the Jeopardy! contestants made that night. Another player, Suzy Garver, incorrectly guessed that Barack Obama was the 38th president of the United States. He is the 44th president. 

These incorrect answers had some wondering about the caliber of Jeopardy! contestants these days. “Pretty sad, they probably didn’t even know who she was. Seems like the contestants are pretty weak lately,” one person wrote. “So, you have to be stupid now to be on Jeopardy?” another joked

Most people assume Jeopardy! contestants are the best and the brightest, but it seems like where Ross is concerned, the players just can’t seem to put their finger on how old the pop diva really is.

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