Diane Kruger Clears Up Fans’ Concerns After Posting Photo Of Dilated Eyes


Diane Kruger’s Instagram is filled with photos of herself, her partner Norman Reedus, and their daughter, but one mysterious post had some fans worried. However, the actress quickly cleared up the rumors. 

Kruger Clears Up Concerns About Dilated Pupil Pic

Kruger posted a photo of her eyes, with the left pupil much more dilated than the other. Friends and followers wondered if she had injured her eye somehow, and many commented on the photo to share their worries and advice.

“Its called anisocoria, and it can be serious Please go to the doctor asap,” one person wrote. “If that wasn’t done by an optometrist, you need it checked immediately,” another commented. Others compared her mismatched pupils to David Bowie, who famously suffered from anisocoria. 

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While many were worried about Kruger, the actress soon added a note to her caption to explain the story behind the picture. “Ummm (friends texting asking me if I was ok made me realize I should clarify…it’s for a scene !! All good,” she wrote. “But thank YOU for being concerned ).” 

The Two Projects She’s Filming Now

It’s unknown what role required Kruger to dilate one of her pupils, but the actress is currently working on two movies. Marlowe, which stars Liam Neeson, Jessica Lange, and Kruger, follows the story of Phillip Marlowe, a character created by novelist Raymond Chandler. It’s expected to premiere next year. 

The other film she’s working on is Joika. The movie is the true story of an American ballet dancer, Joy Womack, who is accepted into the notoriously tough Bolshoi Ballet Academy. The story is near to Kruger’s heart; she actually trained as a ballet dancer before going into acting after she broke her knee. 

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“The level of talent and commitment from Talia [Ryder] and Diane is stunning,” director James Napier Robertson shared. “Two brilliant actors doing genuinely transformative work. I know we are on the cusp of something truly special.” 

It’s unknown which movie she’s currently filming, or which one would require dilating her pupils. Fans of Kruger are excited to see her on screen again, and are glad her dilated pupil was just part of a movie role!

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