Diane Kruger’s Photo Response To Norman Reedus’ Star On The Walk Of Fame Is Perfect

The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last Tuesday. Reedus’ fiancée, Troy actress Diane Kruger, joined him and his family at the ceremony and later posted a playful image on Instagram commemorating the event.

Diane Kruger’s Sly Congratulations

Following the ceremony, Kruger posted this image of Reedus kneeling by his star, followed by a playful photo of her being the first to step on his new Hollywood star with the loving comment, “Couldn’t be prouder. Congratulations @bigbaldhead I love you and you deserve it all.” While Kruger has received many awards during her career, she does not yet have a Hollywood star of her own.

Fans quickly reacted with congratulatory messages for Reedus. “I was there in Hollywood too today celebrating Norman’s ceremony from across the street!” one remarked. “He sure made a lot of his fans happy by coming out and greeting all of us! It will be a day that I will always remember!”

Norman Reedus Earned His Star

Norman Reedus’ star has been a long time coming. His work in The Boondock Saints in 1999 introduced him to millions and arguably kicked off his image as a tough guy who can do the dirty work. Amongst his other film and television roles, however, one unsurprisingly stands out: his decade-plus run as The Walking Dead‘s Daryl Dixon, a role created specifically for him after his audition for the show. Reedus’ efforts led to the character becoming one of the most defining staples of pop culture of the ’10s. The character has outlasted nearly every other person on the show and is headed for a spin-off series of his own next year.

A few months before The Walking Dead‘s sixth season premiered, Reedus joined the 2015 French-German film Sky. Although the film had a limited release, it might be Reedus’ favorite project given that it allowed him to meet Diane Kruger. It took until the next year for the two to be romantically linked given his private nature, though Kruger’s slightly more active Instagram gives some sweet glimpses at the couple. The two share a 3-year-old daughter named Nova, who is Reedus’ second child after having a son with model Helena Christensen in 1999. The Daryl Dixon star has otherwise kept a low profile for someone with such a large and dedicated fan base, but it’s clear that he’s got an amazingly supportive family.

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