Dionne Warwick Says She’s Worried About You If You’ve Been Listening To Her Music Too Often


Dionne Warwick isn’t just saying a little prayer for her fans. The award-winning singer is letting her followers know that she’s worried about them if they’re listening to her music on repeat. Plus, the Grammy winner is giving her listeners some advice that we all should take.

This week, Spotify released Spotify Wrapped, which shows users their most listened to music for 2022. As listeners check out their top artists for the year, Warwick has a message for anyone that has her on their Spotify Wrapped: Go outside and touch some grass.

The winner of a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes that her songs are filled with sadness. In fact, Warwick is telling fans to keep holding on. As she tweeted recently, “If I am on your Spotify Wrapped let me know. Most of my songs are sad and I am hoping you’re okay. We can talk about it.”

‘Go Outside And Touch Nature’

A few of Warwick’s top fans immediately responded to her tweet. One fan tweeted, “The amount of times I cried to ‘Anyone Who Had a Heart’ this year is unhealthy.” Warwick replied with some simple and uplifting advice, “Go outside and touch nature. I love you. Everything will be okay.”

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Other fans shared how Warwick’s songs have helped them get in touch with their emotions. In fact, the singer was the top artist for one particular fan. As the Twitter user shared, “Let’s talk about it. 😭 I was in my feelings this year.”

Another follower tweeted how Warwick’s music has helped her get through multiple heartaches this year. As the fan shared, “Well you know I’m just in between the heartaches. You’re my number 2 mother.”

Although Warwick came in the runner-up spot for the fan, second only to Mariah Carey, the “I Say A Little Prayer” singer still checked in on her follower. “How are you feeling?” the artist replied in a tweet. Her fan responded with a link to Warwick’s song, “One Last Memory.”

Warwick’s fans also let her know that they don’t want to make the singer over. In fact, they would do anything for her including checking in on her via Twitter. In one reply to the “Don’t Make Me Over” singer’s tweet, a loyal fan asked how Warwick is doing. “Wait…are *you* okay, though? We’re here for you, too.”

Apparently, she continues to keep smiling, keep shining. As she answered the question, she let her followers know, “Yes. I am happy and grateful for family.” We’re certainly grateful for Dionne Warwick.

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