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Madame Miranda posts are penned by M. Davis-McAfee and based on the motivations behind each star sign, as described on, and the positioning of celestial bodies mapped by While we appreciate the self-reflection that astrology can inspire, our horoscopes are for entertainment purposes only.

This week, a waning crescent Moon goes completely dark while passing through the 1st through 3rd Houses of Self, Security, and Communications. At the same time, the Sun is crossing over from the 2nd to 3rd House as Scorpio season makes way for Sagittarius. The transition from a water to fire sign can feel a bit chaotic at first.

Moreover, expect some emotional shakeups midweek as the dark Moon flies in front of the Sun and a potent Mercury and Venus conjunction. As long as your intentions are good and you check your ego at the door, you should make it out unscathed. 

Of course, every sign is different. How will yours fare this week?

You can’t keep up your current pace without taking at least some time to recharge your batteries. Trying to do so is a recipe for disappointment, frustration, and stress. And if you can easily manage to avoid those three things, why wouldn’t you? 

As tempting as it might be to power through your exhaustion, the stars implore you to resist the urge. There will be time for decisive action soon enough. But now is not that time. Now is an excellent time to start working on your patience, Aries.

You’re constantly longing for more time to relax and focus on your passions. Yet, now that the opportunity has presented itself to you, you feel guilty for taking it. Indeed, the yoke on your shoulders was placed there by you alone—no one else. 

Luckily, that means you’re also the one who can take it off. Prioritizing yourself and your hobbies, even if the efforts can’t be monetized, is important. Don’t let today’s culture of urgency and capitalism convince you otherwise. This type of self-care is crucial.

You absolutely deserve the right to take a break when you need one. However, the people around you deserve the right to know when it’s going to happen. You don’t have to work ahead or find a replacement for yourself. Still, you must communicate directly.

The right people will understand the necessity of taking this time for yourself, Gemini. Those who don’t clearly don’t have your best interest at heart. And if that’s the case, then why worry about how you might make them feel?

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All types of change require some sort of adjustment period. It’s natural. Don’t be so quick to jump out of yours, Cancer. Allow yourself to feel your emotions as they come without setting strict expectations or time limits. This isn’t an easily measurable process.

Your new surroundings, beliefs, and mindset will settle into your system with time. And if you find defects at any point along the way, you still have the opportunity to change that. Acquaint yourself with the new person you’re becoming through an emotional outlet.

Rather than focusing all your energy on prospects on your horizon, why not try attending to your immediate surroundings? Novelty is exciting, but there is value in the familiar, stable, and safe. Not everything in life has to be a soap opera-worthy dramatic.

The stars urge you to find happiness in the humdrum this week in whatever way you can. Practice identifying gratitude throughout the day, look for silver linings, and keep an open mind. You might end up enjoying yourself more than you planned.

It’s clear that your method for circumventing this emotional impasse is coming up short. Rather than drive yourself crazy expecting different results with the same approach, try stepping away from the problem entirely. Take as much time to yourself as you can. 

This time away could still be spent problem-solving if that’s what you feel like doing. But working on something else while your brain processes the first obstacle can help provide clarity and direction. The answer will likely reveal itself when you least expect it.

The excitement of experiencing something new can often blind us to defects that we might have spotted otherwise. While it might be troubling to feel the honeymoon phase start to wane, this is where things get really interesting. Now’s the time to fortify the foundation.

Consider the ways in which your relationships might fall short of their full potential. What actionable steps can you take to strengthen these bonds? This includes the connection you have with yourself, Libra. Indeed, that relationship is perhaps the most important.

Rebellions often stir images of action and aggression. But not every uprising has to happen in a fiery blaze of glory. When we’re used to harsh, loud, unapologetic ways of being, it can be just as rebellious to lean into one’s softer, sentimental side. 

And in some ways, the latter requires even more bravery. Radical vulnerability is certainly a scary thing, Scorpio. Luckily, you’ve never been easily spooked. You are well equipped for the changes ahead. Have faith in yourself and the process this week.

The universe is offering up sweet validation this week, be sure you’re on the lookout for it. More importantly, remember not to get too big a head over this. Being right can be rewarding, but don’t let the satisfaction boil over into narcissism. 

Indeed, there is always the chance that you’ll be the one proven wrong next. Be sure to extend the same grace, patience, and understanding you would want if you were in that position. Your actions now will come back to you in time. Make them count, Sag.

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If the problem is so simple, then why has it taken you this long to get around to it? Could it be that it might require more effort than you’re willing to admit? Denial might postpone the inevitable, but it doesn’t eliminate it entirely. 

The stars urge you to confront this issue head-on, no matter how unpleasant. The sooner you do, the sooner the burden will be lifted from your shoulders. In the end, all these rainchecks really accomplish is denying yourself much-needed relief.

Your internal security cannot be fortified by external means, Aquarius. On the contrary, the only way to achieve this type of stability is to start from within. Focusing your efforts elsewhere might offer some temporary gratification, but it won’t last forever. 

Of course, learning to trust and honor oneself is a lifelong process. There will be fumbles along the way, and you’ll be sloppy at first. Still, it’s crucial to keep moving forward. Your future self will certainly be grateful that you stayed the course.

All that hard work was bound to pay off sometime, Pisces, and it looks like it’s finally starting to do so. However, don’t rest too heavily on your haunches. You worked this hard to get out of your comfort zone; allow yourself some time to remain outside of it.

If you keep up the pace, you can enact significant transformation with this motivational wave. The stars are lining in your favor, be sure to seize the opportunity while it’s here. (Yes, even if that opportunity looks different than you initially expected.)

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