Double-Waisted Jeans Are The Fall Trend That Has Us Baffled

If you’re a Gen Xer like me, you’ve lived through your share of crazy jeans trends. We had the acid-washed ’80s with fold-over waists and tight-rolled pant cuffs. And who could forget the spectacular ’90s bootcut or the low-rise (“whale tail”) 2000s?

Does anyone remember the JNCO jeans with cartoonishly wide legs? I know they were in there somewhere, and I’m afraid Gen Z may be bringing that look back (yikes). Then, of course, we loved our jeggings and skinny jeans. We’ve really gone through a denim rollercoaster in our lifetime.

As a petite 40-something woman, I’m insanely glad that high-waisted jeans are a style that seems like it’s here to stay. At this point in my life, just give me a pair of dark wash, high-waisted jeans with wide legs. I’ll pair them with a v-neck tee and a cute shoe all day long—and twice on Sundays.

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But now, the fashion industry is attempting to do us one better with a denim style we’ve never seen before … and we’re not sure how we feel about it. We’re talking about the double-waisted jean, a top-trending fall jean style offered up by brands like Tibi, Sandro, Nasty Gal, ASOS, and Forever 21.

The double-waisted jean is essentially an example of a trompe l’œil, a French term that translates to “optical illusion.” They look exactly how you’d expect, with two waistbands layered on top of each other and two rows of belt loops. They also appear to have two rows of buttons and/or zippers and sometimes even four front pockets, as if you’re wearing a low-rise baggy jean over a high-rise skinny jean.

And to be perfectly candid, we’re not 100% on board with this look.

As we mentioned earlier, we love a good high-waisted jean and would prefer that trend to never go away. But if you’re petite, the double-waist illusion isn’t going to do you any favors in the leg-elongation department. If you’re tall and blessed with long legs, though, this … er, unique style might be worth a try.

Most of the stylings we’ve seen are paired with the current trending crop-waist tops or skin-hugging body suits, understandably to make sure the double-waist line is prominent. This creates immediate visual interest around your midsection, something which becomes slightly more unappealing every year we get older.

We can give props where props are due: the look is innovative, which is becoming ever more difficult in fashion. But seriously, we really think it just looks like you’re wearing jeans under your jeans. We can’t unsee it.

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