Drew Barrymore And Ex Justin Long Talk About Past Relationship Regrets


Drew Barrymore and Justin Long are reuniting after years of being apart. The show is an emotional rollercoaster of sorts, but would we expect anything less from a conversation with an ex? The former couple embraces more than once, Barrymore cries, and both celebrities laugh and reminisce about their relationship.

‘I Will Always Love You So Much’

Once the conversation begins, you instantly see the connection between Barrymore and Long. A long embrace quickly turns to laughter as the former lovers reunite. Plus, you can’t help but smile at the rapport between the ex-couple. They’re both quick to brag about one another and compliment the other.

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A few months ago, the talk show host gushed over Long to comedian Mike Birbiglia, saying just how funny the actor is. When Barrymore brings this up to Long in the show’s premiere, the actor surprises the talk show host. “You’re the funny one. You are one of the funniest people I have ever met,” Long remarks of Barrymore.

The gushing doesn’t stop there. As they reminisce about their former relationship, Barrymore acknowledges that laughter was such a big part of the ex-couple’s connection. However, the laughter soon turns to tears.

“I’ll love you always,” Long admitted. As Barrymore’s eyes watered, she appeared to need to catch her breath, taking a moment to respond. “I will always love you so much,” Barrymore finally answers, causing the two to embrace again. A few moments later, Long helps wipe the tears from Barrymore’s eyes.

A Relationship Full Of Fun Chaos

As the two continue sharing stories, they describe their time together as fun chaos. “We had so much fun. We were, you know, a little more hedonistic. A little more immature…There was chaos. It was hella fun,” Barrymore reminisced.  “Fun chaos,” Long responded with a twinkle in his eye.

The fun chaos continues even to this day. As they speak of their past, Barrymore shows the world just how funny she still thinks Long is. When the two talk about game nights from years ago, Long does an impression of Quentin Tarantino that Barrymore can’t help but laugh at. She laughs so hard that she spits out the drink she has just sipped from her cup. Of course, Long takes this as a huge compliment.

Championing Your Ex

The love and compliments continue to the end of the conversation. Barrymore shares with Long that she believes it’s important to be a champion for your ex. “I could not be happier for you…All I want in life is your success and your happiness,” Barrymore remarks at the end of the conversation. 

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Of course, that’s how she would end a conversation with one of her exes. After all, she is Drew Barrymore. We wouldn’t expect anything less than love, laughter, kindness, and respect from the adored talk show host.

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