Drew Barrymore, Joanna Gaines’ IG Interaction Is The Perfect Crossover

Are we sensing a collaboration? Drew Barrymore just sent a shoutout to Joanna Gaines, and it’s the crossover we didn’t know we needed. Here’s why their interaction was so wholesome.

Drew Barrymore Reads the ‘Magnolia Journal’

Drew Barrymore has made a name for herself in the world of home design. With her Flower Home line, her Beautiful cookware line, and her new lifestyle magazine, Barrymore wants to make everyone’s homes a little more colorful and bright. So, it really is no surprise to learn that she’s a fan of Fixer Upper stars Joanna and Chip Gaines.

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In a recent Instagram post, Barrymore raved about the summer issue of the Magnolia Journal, Chip and Joanna Gaines’ quarterly interior design publication. Holding up the edition with a rollerskating Joanna on the cover, Barrymore gushed about the former HGTV star.

“@joannagaines you are my hero. This cover, just like you, makes the world a more joyful and cool place. And @chipgaines … you rule the school!!!!!” the caption read.

Making the shoutout even sweeter, Joanna commented with a trio of heart-eye emojis, writing, “ahhhh we love you @drewbarrymore!”

Not Their First Interaction

Barrymore and Joanna have been familiar with each other for a while now. In fact, both Chip and Joanna appeared on the Drew Barrymore Show back in April. During the interview, Barrymore showed Joanna a special video message from her childhood celebrity crush.

“I think I heard a rumor that maybe, we might have the same… Person out there in the world who really does it for us,” Barrymore cheekily suggested to Joanna.

“Is it Mr. Letterman?” Joanna responded.

To that, Barrymore put her coffee down and rushed to embrace Joanna. The moment was hilarious knowing that Barrymore once made pop culture history by flashing David Letterman live on his show back in 1995. Barrymore and Letterman have remained friends for years. Knowing about Joanna’s crush, she got the former Late Show host to record a special message.

“That’s a dream come true,” Joanna said after watching the video. “Drew and David in one day. I’m done.”

That wasn’t the only time Barrymore called on the designer. For the past few months, Barrymore has been renovating a home. Back in July, she sent a message to Chip and Joanna as she prepared for “demo day.”

In a hilarious Instagram video, Barrymore said, “It’s demo day. Chip… Joanna… It’s demo day.” Cut to the Charlie’s Angels star screaming in a dilapidated building, as you do.

Joanna had the perfect response. “I feel you, Drew!!” she wrote in the comments. “Keep your vision in mind and keep pushing through the mess! It’s going to be so beautiful and worth it!!”

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With each of these interactions, we can’t help but grow fonder and fonder of the pair’s friendship. Here’s hoping they collaborate on a project in the future so we can see the dream team in action!

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