Dry, Brittle Nails? butter LONDON’s Tinted Nail Moisturizer Could Be Just The Cure


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Keeping your nails perfectly polished can be a time-consuming hassle, and it can take a toll on your nails. Discoloration and cracks can be unfortunate byproducts of ongoing gel, acrylic, and other mani applications (like the controversial “Russian Manicure”).

It can turn into a vicious cycle when your nails are in dire need of a break, but they’re not looking so cute without polish. Here to the rescue is “tinted nail moisturizer”—a way to achieve a naturally polished look and nourish your nails at the same time.

Intro: butter LONDON Nail Tinted Moisturizer which offers up sheer coverage that beautifully shines in four natural shades to compliment every skin tone: light, medium, tan, or deep.

It’s a barely-there look, but the benefits for your nails are substantial. The nourishing treatment is perfect for brittle, peeling, and dry nails. Keratin helps to strengthen, arginine prevents breakage, tea tree oil locks in moisture, and vitamin E helps protect against future damage.

What’s more, the tinted polish features butter LONDON’s proprietary Micro Smart Active Technology that is designed to deliver a controlled release of ingredients for healthier nails every day.

The nail treatment goes on just like a normal polish. Brush one to two coats onto clean, dry nails (no need for a base or top coat), and allow them to dry. Plus, shoppers say the product is easy to apply, dries fast, and is durable.

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“It was the easiest nail polish application I have ever done,” one reviewer wrote. “The nail moisturizer was very ‘forgiving,’ with no need to clean up the edges like I usually have to with regular polish … This stuff is amazingly durable. It’s been a week and there had been zero chipping or peeling, despite me using my nails for things (scrubbing dishes, etc.) that I would’ve hesitated to do with every other nail polish I have ever used in the past.”

Others echoed the sentiment.

“Phenomenal product. Stop hesitating; buy this!” another reviewer gushed. “My nails were weak and broke easily without polish, so I kept trying to find the Holy Grail for nails … I do believe I have found that elusive polish. First and foremost: THIS POLISH DOESN’T CHIP!!! It adds just the right amount of shine and subtle color to my nails. It strengthens them enough that they don’t break at the slightest knock. And it stays looking nice for almost a week at a time, without needing constant touch-ups!”

With butter LONDON’s all-in-one tinted nail moisturizer, you can take on a more sophisticated everyday look while reviving and beautifying your dry nails.

And if you love the natural-nail look, you might also want to check out Londontown’s illuminating nail concealer. With a sheer, pearly shine, this nail concealer helps blur imperfections like yellowing, stains, and pesky white spots.

Whether you go for tinted nail moisturizer or nail concealer (or both!), they’re a great way to quickly and easily keep your nails healthy and your polish polished and chic with minimal effort.

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