Dubious Divorce Gossip Claims Brad Pitt Is Supposedly In Hiding Amid Angelina Jolie Custody Battle


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are still fighting in court. One sketchy story suggests Pitt is coping with the fight by retreating inward. Is he really a lonely recluse? Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Brad’s Lonely World’

According to Us Weekly, Pitt has become something of a specter. He rarely makes public appearances since winning his Academy Award in 2020. An insider says, “Brad doesn’t really mingle like he used to… he just has no desire to socialize these days.” The reason for his solitude is apparently the ongoing custody battle with Jolie as it continues to suck both time and joy from his life.

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An insider describes Pitt as “extremely down” about his court battle. “Occasionally he’ll hang out at his art studio, but for the most part, he’s been living an extremely solitary life.” The Snatch star is specifically depressed over his lack of relationship with his children, they claim, saying that the custody battle deprives him of the chance to raise his youngest kids.

Instead of galavanting about town, Pitt is focused on working, the insider concludes. “His will to put on a happy face and have fun outside of his comfort zone has just kind of dried up.”

What’s Going On With Brad Pitt?

If Brad Pitt wants to deal with his divorce in private, then more power to him. However, this story just isn’t accurate. As Gossip Cop has covered, Pitt did not spend COVID-19 at home. He went out with Nicole Poturalski for a cup of coffee and set the paparazzi mad when he befriended Alia Shawkat. In the meantime, he’s been spotted on the sets of films like Bullet Train and Babylon. If you’re looking for Pitt, he’s really not that hard to find.

Sadly, the end is not near for Pitt and Jolie. After dismissing numerous judges, the pair are now fighting over the sale of a vineyard. This divorce started ugly and it’s somehow only getting worse. Only Pitt can say for sure if he’s suffering from depression, but it would not be an unreasonable reaction to a divorce this long.

Not A Good Source For Brad Pitt News

Gossip Cop doesn’t believe Us Weekly has any real insight into Pitt’s life because of its bad track record. It constantly pairs Pitt with Jennifer Aniston. Last year, it announced Pitt and Aniston were having secret meetings. Then, Pitt supposedly kept the relationship to just being friends with benefits. Aniston and Pitt haven’t had any romantic relationship since 2005, so these stories are ridiculous.

Bullet Train, Pitt’s latest thriller, enters theaters on August 5. You can expect Pitt to go on a press tour to support the film. While he has been relatively quiet, it’s just because he’s been busy. This story doesn’t feel like too much of an exaggeration considering the circumstances, but there’s still no reason to trust what Us Weekly has to say about Pitt.


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