Dubious Gossip Claims Jada Pinkett Smith Supposedly Terrifying ‘Red Table Talk’ Crew With Apparently Random Firings

Is Jada Pinkett Smith a toxic presence on Red Table Talk? One report says her staff lives in fear after a slew of random firings. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Bad Juju Jada: Boss From Hell!’

Per the National Enquirer, Smith is apparently a cruel boss who’s instilled fear in her underlings. She allegedly makes Will Smith look like a sweetheart. A source says, “Jada is the boss from hell. The turnover of staff on her Red Table Talk show is very high. It is common knowledge in the business no one lasts very long on that show!”

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Since Red Table Talk isn’t on a major network, they argue, Smith gets to have the final word on everything. She’s supposedly the only one with any power, and she enjoys exercising it. An anonymous former producer says, “Some days she loves you, on others she hates you… everyone’s career is literally in the hands of her mood!” The report ends by noting that some online users even feel Jada manipulated Will into attacking Chris Rock at the Academy Awards.

What’s Going On With ‘Red Table Talk’?

While Jada Pinkett Smith is certainly the architect of Red Table Talk, she’s not an omnipotent deity. The show airs on Facebook Watch, so she and her slew of fellow executive producers still have people to answer to. Obviously, this doesn’t mean Smith is therefore a great boss, but it’s not totally accurate to say she holds all the power in her hands.

Complicating this further is the existence of unions, but it’s unclear if parent company Westbrook Studios works with any such institutions. In any case, Gossip Cop is likely overthinking this. 

What proof does the Enquirer present to back up its story? Nothing but anonymous testimony and the Academy Awards. What that infamous slap has to do with workplace culture on Red Table Talk is left entirely to the imagination.

If Smith is half as bad as this outlet makes her out to be, then there should be no limit to nightmare stories about working on the program. Look at Ellen DeGeneres for a real-life example: People came out of the woodwork with horror stories about her show. Those tales just don’t seem to currently exist about Red Table Talk, so this story cannot be true.

Many Bad Smith Takes

In 2020, the Enquirer promised Will and Jada Pinkett were careening toward divorce. They did not split up. Once the slap happened, this tabloid could not relent with bogus coverage of the couple. It claimed Will was forced into going to therapy, and that Jada was openly flirting with other guys.

These stories were uniformly false. The Smiths are still married, so these insiders have no clue what they’re talking about. No one close to Red Table Talk is bashing Jada, so this story of cruelty rings hollow.

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