Dubious Gossip Says Kelly Clarkson’s Friends Apparently Begging Her To Move On From Divorce

Is Kelly Clarkson stuck in a rut? According to one tabloid, the “Stronger” singer’s friends are urging her to get back out there. Here’s the latest gossip about Clarkson’s high-profile divorce.

Kelly Clarkson ‘Can’t Let Go Of Divorce’?

This week, the Globe reports Kelly Clarkson is having a hard time moving on from her ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock. Clarkson and Blackstock’s marriage went up in smoke in 2020, leading to a grueling divorce battle that was only finalized this time last year. But now that most of her ducks are in a row now, sources say her friends want her to stop obsessing over the past.

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“They just want her to get on with her life, count her blessings, and shut up,” an insider charges. “All she’s doing is whining and moaning how her ex, Brandon, is giving her grief, how tired she is, how lonely.” But it’s not all complaints. Apparently, her friends are also “encouraging her to take more vacations, flirt with guys, anything to give her confidence a boost, because they’re tired of the same old broken record.”

Friends Begging Her To ‘Shut Up’ About Divorce?

This report is absolutely abhorrent. Just from the sheer insensitivity of this insider, we know without a doubt that they are no friend of Kelly Clarkson’s. Friends are supposed to be supportive—and even if they are a bit annoyed, they don’t go complaining to the tabloids. Clarkson went through a brutal divorce, and she only rarely comments about it publicly. So, we’re having a hard time believing that’s the only thing she talks about in her private circles.

Furthermore, Clarkson isn’t letting the divorce drag her down. Her career has been busier than ever, and she recently announced that she wants to release more original music. She isn’t a one-dimensional cartoon character whose only personality trait is complaining. Not to mention, she has always maintained that her number one priority will always be her children.

“We’re both from divorced families so we know the best thing here is to protect our children and their little hearts,” Clarkson said back in 2020. Given how gracefully Clarkson has handled such a difficult period of her life, the outlet’s cruel story about her alleged incessant complaining is just uncalled for.

More Kelly Clarkson Divorce Gossip

Of course, the Globe has never handled this topic with much sensitivity at all. Earlier this year, the outlet reported Clarkson was raging at Blackstock for storing his things in her house. Then the magazine claimed Clarkson was near breakdown due to her legal battles and grueling work schedule. And more recently, the publication alleged she was stuck in a custody nightmare after Blackstock was allegedly seeking a bigger payout. Clearly, the Globe can’t be trusted anywhere Clarkson is concerned.

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