Dubious Insider Says Kris Jenner Supposedly Convinced Pete Davidson To Abandon ‘SNL’ And Manager For ‘Lucrative Roles’ With Kardashians


Did Kris Jenner play a role in Pete Davidson‘s recent departure from SNL? One tabloid claims Kim Kardashian‘s mother is mentoring Davidson. Let’s check in on how Davidson is fitting into the Kardashian-Jenner family.

Insiders Reveal ‘The Real Reason Pete Quit’?

A recent edition of Us Weekly reveals Pete Davidson hadn’t been planning on leaving Saturday Night Live before meeting Kim Kardashian. Apparently, Davidson only got to thinking about jumping ship after talking to his girlfriend’s mom, Kris Jenner. Sources say Jenner is seeing dollar signs all over Davidson, and she wasn’t going to let SNL stand in her way. “Kris is promising much bigger and lucrative roles in media and movies,” an insider spills. “Kris wants to profit from being Pete’s manager, and he absolutely trusts anything Kim advises.”

Is Kris Jenner Managing Pete Davidson?

This report is totally false, and the magazine knows it. First of all, Davidson certainly didn’t need Jenner to tell him he has a bright future outside of SNL. The comedian has been landing starring role after starring role in various comedies. He made major waves with his stand-up specials, and he stays in the headlines constantly.

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The actor is even slated to star in a semi-autobiographical comedy series produced by Lorne Michaels. It’s absolutely ridiculous to suggest Davidson needs Jenner to direct him in his career.

Furthermore, we know that Us Weekly published this report in bad faith. A source close to Jenner definitively told the outlet back in mid-May, weeks before this article went to print, that “Kris is not Pete’s manager.” If the magazine was even the least bit confident in its story, it would have admitted to this denial. But, it’s obvious that the outlet didn’t want to inform its readers—it wanted to mislead them.

The Tabloids On Kris Jenner And Pete Davidson

But Us Weekly definitely isn’t the first magazine to get this idea. Back in March, the National Enquirer claimed Kris Jenner was “grooming” Pete Davidson for a career in reality TV. Then the Enquirer claimed it was actually Kim Kardashian and her family that made Davidson leave Saturday Night Live.

And most recently, Life & Style alleged Kardashian was furious upon finding out that Jenner was trying to “cash in” on her relationship with Pete Davidson. Obviously, gossip media is convinced that Jenner wants to get her claws into Davidson’s career. But, according to the facts, that just doesn’t seem to be what’s happening at all.