Dubious Rumor Said Sarah Jessica Parker Supposedly Got Caught Fighting With Matthew Broderick After ‘And Just Like That’ Filming Last Year

Sarah Jessica Parker is celebrating the success of And Just Like That…, but did it cost her her marriage? Twelve months ago, we confronted a story about Parker fighting with Matthew Broderick during filming. Let’s look back on that story to see if there was secretly anything to it.

Parker And Broderick’s Bash At The Beach

Woman’s Day reported that And Just Like That… had turned Parker into a bossy person. She was apparently bumming everyone out on a beach trip with her domineering attitude. A friend of Parker explained, “Whenever she gets involved in a new project—and they don’t get much bigger than a follow-up to her biggest hit—she goes into ‘boss mode’ and brings it home.” She was supposedly ordering Broderick around, leaving him secretly hoping the show would bomb so he could have the old Parker back.

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The outlet studied photos of Parker and Broderick on vacation to find the one that looked the fishiest. Other photos from the exact same trip showed Parker relaxing and having a great time. It was a willfully misleading story based on nothing. Broderick wed Parker before Sex and the City started, so he’s had years upon years of experience staying married while she films.

How Is Sarah Jessica Parker Doing?

Shocking no one, Parker and Broderick are still married. The two just completed a successful run on Broadway for the play Plaza Suite. Parker posted about it on her and Broderick’s behalf.

And Just Like That… also aired its entire first season since this episode came out. The series proved divisive, with much of the coverage centering around the absence of Kim Cattrall. Cattrall still wants nothing to do with her old co-star.

The reboot was so successful that it’s already been renewed for a second season. Broderick’s staying busy with the Netflix series Painkiller. The two live a pretty private life all things considered, but they couldn’t have reached 25 years together if Parker was at all what this story described. This was just a sexist story targeting a happy marriage with dirty tactics.

Plenty Of Drivel To Be Found

Long after this story came and went, Woman’s Day targeted Broderick and Parker again. It claimed Parker was at war with her husband because And Just Like That…  was so popular. We once again pointed out that the two flourished during the original run of Sex and the City, so there was nothing to this rumor.

This tabloid would have you believe Broderick will get divorced and that Parker is going broke. It obviously has no insight into their lives whatsoever or it wouldn’t publish this nonsense.

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