Dubious Rumor Says Ben Affleck’s Family Supposedly ‘Has It Out’ For Jennifer Lopez Despite Wedding

Is Jennifer Lopez getting along with the family of Ben Affleck? One report says she’s failing to befriend Affleck’s mother, Christine Boldt, and it’s driving everyone up the wall. Here’s what we know.

‘New In Laws Have It Out For J.Lo!’

According to the Globe, Lopez’s family loves Affleck, and the feeling isn’t exactly mutual when it comes to his family’s opinion of her. Lopez is apparently failing to win the affection of Boldt. “A number of Ben’s friends and family, his mom included, worry Jennifer’s way too controlling, he’s rushed to the altar and it could all end in tears,” a source explains.

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Boldt is still very close to Jennifer Garner, they add, and that can only mean that she’s giving Lopez a hard time. Ever since Affleck and Lopez restarted their relationship, he’s apparently made it a point to ingratiate her with loved ones like Casey Affleck and Matt Damon. “He really wants everyone he cares about to love her the way he does, but the reaction has been pretty lukewarm,” the insider says.

Everything is perfectly civil for now, the source adds, but there’s trouble brewing under the surface. They conclude, “Ben’s mom is polite about Jennifer and cordial, of course, as are his brother and skeptical buddies like Matt. But the shared view is Jennifer’s got a lot of proving to do, and it’ll take a lot for her to charm the Afflecks.”

Is Jennifer Lopez Charming Enough?

When all is well for a couple, tabloids are forced to find another angle of attack. Ask yourself: Do you know how Ben Affleck’s mother feels about anything? She’s a private citizen with no public profile to speak of. We have no idea which of Affleck’s friends she likes or dislikes.

Suddenly, since Lopez must be attacked for some reason, the Globe has insiders close enough to know when she’s secretly being cordial. It’s just an impossible amount of insight.

Furthermore, we know for a fact its assessment of Casey and Damon is dead wrong. Damon attended their Georgian wedding, while Casey missed it to send his kid to college. Boldt was forced to miss it after falling off a dock just hours before the ceremony. Casey did pay tribute to Lopez on Instagram days later. He wrote, “Welcome to the family. Get ready for some real dysfunction! Kidding. I am kidding. Jen, you are a gem. We love you so much!”

What a kind thing to say to your sister-in-law. This proves the Affleck family as a whole is hardly rejecting Lopez. As for Boldt, we just don’t buy that this tabloid would have any access to her whatsoever.

Too Many Bad Affleck Attacks

Earlier this month, the Globe announced Lopez rushed to the altar out of fear that Affleck would walk. The two have waited 20 years to get married, so they’d waited long enough. Before that, it claimed Affleck was having trouble with wedding planning. Their planning was deliberately kept a secret from the press.

Affleck was also supposedly angry with Lopez for going $1 million over budget on the wedding. We doubt the Globe could have access to their ledgers. Plus, they’re good for it. Lopez has married into Affleck’s family, and everyone seems delighted.

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