Dubious Rumor Says Britney Spears’ Celebrity Crush Apparently Upset Sam Asghari

Is Britney Spears crushing on another famous singer? One tabloid claims Sam Asghari isn’t happy about his wife’s latest flirtation. Let’s check in on the newlyweds.

Spears Angering ‘Controlling’ Sam Asghari?

This week, the National Enquirer reports Britney Spears is crushing hard on pop singer Justin Bieber, and Sam Asghari isn’t happy about it. The “Circus” singer recently took to Instagram to reminisce about meeting Bieber for the first time. “Remember when you visited me in my dressing room on tour and your beautiful little mama walked in and said ‘Do you know where a tanning bed is?’ You were 15 and you were adorable! Thank you for your music… You’re a timeless genius and I will always dance to your music.”

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And sources say Spears’ post wasn’t so innocent. “Britney’s secretly crushed on Justin for years,” a rat confides. “She thinks he’s sexy as hell and one of the most talented stars of his generation. She spends hours listening to his music and gazing at the hottest photos of him she can find. In her mind, they’re kindred spirits, and she’s pushing Sam to arrange double dates with Hailey. But that’s highly unlikely since Sam’s a pretty possessive guy at the best of times. Seeing Britney openly swoon over Biebs in person would be too much for him to take!”

Britney Spears ‘Swooning’ Over Justin Bieber?

This report is just as gross as it is pointless. First of all, Spears’ post is up to interpretation. But, on the surface, the shoutout didn’t really seem flirty. Interestingly, in the only sentence that the tabloid omitted from her post, she compares Bieber to her sons. “You’re a little devil now… I know because I have boys,” Spears wrote. If she were really shooting her shot at the pop singer, she probably wouldn’t make that kind of comparison.

Furthermore, Spears just tied the knot with Asghari. We have absolutely no reason to believe Asghari is “controlling” or “possessive,” and these hurtful, unfounded claims against him are totally unnecessary. It’s obvious that whoever wrote this story isn’t a friend of Britney Spears.

Besides, Spears is dealing with far more serious matters than an alleged crush on a married singer. Spears recently revealed that she suffered a miscarriage, which is no doubt a grave emotional hurdle. And as she prepares to write her memoir detailing the horrors of her conservatorship, her father and former conservator Jamie Spears is pushing to have her deposed. When put into context, this magazine’s silly story seems like the least of her and Asghari’s worries at the moment.

Britney Spears In The Tabloids

Of course, we know better than to trust the National Enquirer anywhere Britney Spears is concerned. Not long ago, the outlet reported Spears was pushing the FBI to question her ex-husband. Then the magazine claimed tapes from Spears’ bugged bedroom had been leaked. And most recently the publication alleged Spears was triggering health fears with her “starvation diet.” Obviously, the Enquirer is not looking out for Britney Spears.

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