Dubious Rumor Says Prince Harry Supposedly Jealous Of Meghan Markle’s ‘Secret Crush’

Is Prince Harry getting uncomfortable with Meghan Markle‘s new crush? One tabloid claims the duchess has eyes for another man. Here’s what we know about Markle’s alleged infatuation.

Meghan Markle ‘Has A New Guy In Her Life’?

This week, Star reports Meghan Markle has a secret crush…on the Amazon Prime delivery driver. According to the report, the duchess is such a shopaholic that she is getting daily deliveries to her Montecito mansion, and Prince Harry is starting to get suspicious. But sources say nothing untoward is going on with the secretive duchess. Apparently, Markle just wants to protect her privacy by shopping exclusively online.

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“It’s a lot easier for her to just go online and order it up,” an insider muses. But sources say she does get out to the local grocery stores every now and then. “She tries her best to keep a low profile, usually wearing jeans and a baseball cap.” But the snitch notes that the Sussexes generally fly under the radar. The couple apparently managed to dine undisturbed at Lucky’s Steakhouse, a luxury restaurant near their Montecito digs. “A couple more rich celebs is nothing to write home about!” the tipster concludes.

Meghan Markle Crushing On Delivery Man?

This is one of the most scattered tabloid stories we’ve encountered. The magazine seemed to have intended to write a story about how Meghan Markle is making Harry jealous with an alleged crush. But the writer seemed to realize how weak this story was and ditched it not even three sentences into the report. Instead, the story turned into a tale about how the Sussexes try to protect their privacy. And in the closing portion, the article completely contradicts itself by claiming Markle and Harry have no need to worry because no one cares about rich celebrities.

So, what was the point of this non-story? Meghan Markle isn’t crushing on the delivery man. She probably does avoid going in public more than necessary since she probably doesn’t want to be recognized. But the outlet doesn’t even acknowledge that Markle doesn’t actually have to go out to shop and run errands. She’s wealthy enough to have plenty of people to do that for her. We doubt she’s depending solely on her Amazon Prime membership to avoid going out, and we’re confident that this magazine had absolutely zero insight to share.

The Tabloid On Meghan Markle

For Star magazine, this kind of reporting is run-of-the-mill. Back in June, the outlet claimed Markle was demanding access to every meeting Harry had with his royal relatives while in the UK. Then the magazine reported Harry and Markle were begging the royal family to take them back. And more recently, the publication alleged Harry and Markle were “going broke” after their UK visit. So, we’re immediately skeptical of anything Star has to say about the Sussexes.

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