Dubious Rumor Says Scott Disick Apparently Near Breakdown After Kardashians Cut Him Out

Is Scott Disick on the outs with the Kardashians? One tabloid claims the reality star is coping with family drama by surrounding himself with younger women. Let’s see how Disick is holding up.

Scott Disick ‘Lost And Lonely’ Without The Kardashians?

This week, Life & Style reports Scott Disick is desperately trying to cope with Kourtney Kardashian’s new life. As fans will remember, Kourtney recently tied the knot with Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker after months of headline-grabbing PDA. But sources say the Poosh founder is leaving Disick—her ex and the father of her children—in the dust. And after the Talentless mogul was spotted partying with a bevy of models, sources say Disick has actually never been more alone.

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“Kourtney barely speaks to him, the Kardashians have basically frozen him out, and he girls he’s been having out with just want to use him for fame,” an insider spills. “Scott often thinks about how good he had it with Kourtney… He didn’t just lose her. It also feels like he’s lost the only family he’s ever known.”

Scott Disick Shut Out From Kardashian Family?

Here’s the thing: It’s no secret that Scott Disick has been struggling to find his place in the Kardashian clan since Barker entered the picture. That drama has been covered extensively on the family’s Hulu show The Kardashians. With that being said, Disick is still very much in the picture. He still makes regular appearances on their reality show, and his children with Kourtney pretty much guarantee that he’ll always be a part of the family’s lives.

Furthermore, Disick’s recent behavior isn’t exactly new. The controversial TV personality has made headlines ever since splitting from Kourtney for romancing women who have just entered adulthood. From Sofia Richie to Bella Thorne to Amelia Hamlin, Disick is known to keep the company of much younger women. So, it doesn’t exactly make sense to suggest that this specific incident was about something bigger. For Disick, this is really just business as usual.

The Tabloid On The Kardashians

We’re immediately skeptical of anything Life & Style writes about the Kardashian clan. Earlier this year, the outlet claimed Kourtney and Barker had a secret wedding in Mexico. Then the magazine reported Kim was seeking sole custody of her and Kanye West’s children. And more recently, the publication alleged West was stalling his divorce from Kim. Given the tabloid’s past reporting, we’re confident that there really was no truth to its latest tale.

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