Dubious Source Claims Ben Affleck Supposedly Had ‘Breakdown’ After Wedding To Jennifer Lopez


Was Ben Affleck panicking after the wedding? One report says Jennifer Lopez is experiencing an unhappy honeymoon because her Gigli co-star feels regret. Here’s what is actually going on.

‘Ben & J. Lo’ Honeymoon Bust-Up!’

According to Woman’s Day, Affleck looks worse for wear after walking down the aisle. Onlookers called him “somewhat exasperated” on his honeymoon, and it’s causing tension. Once the excitement of the wedding wore off, Affleck apparently began breaking down. “The old Ben wouldn’t have been able to open up, but all his work with therapists has allowed him to really sit with his feelings.”

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The honeymoon went from bad to worse when Affleck started crying in public. Locals say, “Ben appeared to be crying over the fact that they’d had a minor fight during their honeymoon.” The Dogma star supposedly had an outburst caused by all the stress and movement, which rocked Lopez. The honeymoon phase has officially come to an end.

Is Ben Affleck Sad?

It’s true that Affleck was spotted looking emotional on the honeymoon, but it won’t damage the marriage. A source tells Page Six, a more reputable source than the rag in question, that Affleck was emotional over the constant paparazzi attention. “Ben is used to the flashing lights,” says the source. “But he felt that the honeymoon was a tsunami. Jen’s made out of steel and knows it comes with the territory [but] he still gets pissed off.”

Living your life in a fishbowl is psychologically impossible, and it got to Affleck for a moment. Other highlights from the honeymoon show a couple deep in love. Affleck falling asleep on a yacht was a delight, but he should probably just be left alone to enjoy his honeymoon.

This story says more about Woman’s Day than anything else. It used a vulnerable moment from Affleck as a catalyst to promote a mental breakdown. It demonstrates a lack of respect for mental health and the ups and downs of just living on this planet. Affleck and Lopez are going through a rollercoaster of emotions as they face their first year of marriage, but there’s no real evidence that the bliss is finished.

Torrid Reputation

The main reason we’re not trusting Woman’s Day is because of its terrible track record with Affleck stories. It pulled this exact trick last year when it used an out-of-context photo of Affleck as proof he was having a public meltdown. It’s just lazily going back to the well.

It also promised a Lopez and Affleck reality show, but that’s the opposite of what they want. Cameras killed their relationship once, why invite them to do it again? This outlet also cast Affleck as a jealous man warning Owen Wilson away from Lopez. Affleck is a professional actor and understands the difference between Marry Me and reality. All this trash exemplifies why this tabloid cannot be trusted.


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