Dubious Source Claims Dakota Johnson Apparently Rejected Chris Martin’s Proposal

Are things getting tense between Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin? One tabloid claims the Fifty Shades of Grey actress and the Coldplay frontman can’t agree on their future. Let’s check in on the longtime couple.

Chris Martin, Dakota Johnson’s ‘Marriage Debate’

This week, Life & Style reports Chris Martin is ready to wed his girlfriend of four years, Dakota Johnson, but she might not be quite ready to settle down. “It’s not that Dakota doesn’t love Chris. She does,” an insider confides. “She’s just seen to many marriages fall apart.” The article reminds readers of how Johnson’s parents, Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, have both been married and divorced a whopping four times.

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The source also mentions Martin’s previous marriage to Gwyneth Paltrow, insisting that Johnson hasn’t seen many marriages that haven’t ended in divorce. “Dakota is totally committed to Chris. She doesn’t need a piece of paper to prove she’s devoted,” the tipster explains. “Still, Chris hopes that she’ll come around to the idea eventually.”

Dakota Johnson Unsure About Marriage?

Just as we suspected, this tabloid is the only one worried about whether or not Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin plan to tie the knot. The couple has been going strong since 2017, and while they’ve sparked engagement rumors for years, the lack of a ring hasn’t slowed them down.

Early last month, the couple was spotted cuddled up on an outing in New York City. And not long after that, they were spotted strolling hand in hand during a night out in London. And most recently, Martin told CBS Mornings that Johnson was helping him make Coldplay concerts more accessible to fans with hearing impairments.

Clearly, despite the outlet’s tale, the couple is closer than ever. While it’s totally possible that they’ve talked about marriage before, we have no reason to believe it has become a point of tension in their relationship. And finally, we’re sure that true friends of the couple only want the best for them and would never dish these kinds of nasty rumors to any tabloids.

More Engagement Speculation From The Tabloid

We knew what we were getting into with Life & Style. The outlet is notorious for spreading engagement rumors about Hollywood’s famous couples. Back in 2018, the magazine claimed Johnson and Martin were actually engaged. And more recently, the publication has focused in its efforts on Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn. Back in April, the rag claimed Swift was trying to beat her ex Tom Hiddleston to the altar. Then the outlet reported Swift and Alwyn’s relationship was “all but over” because the actor wouldn’t propose. Clearly, Life & Style isn’t delivering the freshest facts about these famous couples.

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