Dubious Source Claims Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Supposedly Having Second Oprah Winfrey Interview For Jubilee Gossip


Are Meghan Markle and Prince Harry returning to Oprah Winfrey for round two? One report says the two have more royal dirt to spill and a second tell-all interview is in the immediate future. Let’s see what we can learn.

‘Meghan And Harry’s Second Tell-All With Oprah’

According to Woman’s Day, Harry and Markle are preparing to spill the royal beans yet again. Less than a month removed from the Platinum Jubilee, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were spotted leaving Oprah Winfrey’s mansion. An industry insider believes they were planning a second attack on the royal family ahead of Harry’s memoir and Markle’s Spotify podcast.

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“They’ll need to do an interview around that, and they owe Oprah one after her first interview was picked to pieces,” a source says. Overall, they note, Winfrey gets what she wants and the Sussexes are more than happy to spill on the details of the Platinum Jubilee.

Is A Second Interview Happening?

Woman’s Day took an unremarkable event—Harry and Markle visiting Winfrey—and twisted it into some bombshell confirmation of a second interview. Even if such a thing was in development, there’s no way news would leak to an outlet as disreputable as this. No one knows what Winfrey and the couple discussed except for them, so this story can only be total speculation.

Let’s bear in mind a few facts this story neglects to mention. Winfrey lives very close to the Sussexes, so it’s not as though they had to travel very far for the chat. It’s also worth noting that Winfrey attended their wedding. Simply put, they’re all good friends. Chances are this was simply a social visit.

Tabloids want you to believe Markle and Harry are backstabbers exploiting the royal family for their own financial gain. In reality, they gave one interview over a year ago detailing harrowing mental health issues and racism in a billion-dollar institution. It’s the tabloids who are exploiting drama for profit, not Markle.

Does Harry’s memoir really need an interview to help it move copies? It has bestseller written all over it. All they had to do was visit Winfrey for lunch to generate loads of press, so it’s misleading to suggest they’d need another tell-all to generate publicity.

Many Meghan Markle Attacks

Back in November, this very outlet alleged Winfrey felt betrayed by Markle. She clearly didn’t or they wouldn’t be friends. In 2020, it promised a Markle-helmed Princess Diana documentary, but that still doesn’t exist nearly two years later.

Most recently, Woman’s Day claimed Harry regretted moving and wanted to move back home. He and Markle seem to love their life together and don’t appear eager to move back at all. There’s just no way this rag could possibly know what Harry, Markle, and Winfrey even had for lunch, let alone discussed.

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