Dubious Source Said Tom Hanks Supposedly Miserable With Rita Wilson, Apparently Was ‘Wife From Hell’ Last Year


Is Tom Hanks secretly suffering in a bad marriage? Twelve months ago, one tabloid claimed the Cast Away actor was unhappy with Rita Wilson. Let’s take another look at the shocking report.

Tom Hanks Suffered ’33 Years Of Abuse’?

Last July, In Touch reported Chet Hanks was revealing all about Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s marriage. According to the social media personality, Hanks had been a victim of Wilson’s controlling behavior for years. “I watched my mom domineer and control my dad for my entire life and he just sat there and took it,” a leaked text from Chet to his former girlfriend Kiana Parker read. “When I feel like I’m not being respected as a man it strikes a nerve with me,” he wrote, adding that he feared “becoming what I hated most about my father.

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Of course, Chet and Kiana’s relationship ended with lawsuits and domestic violence allegations on both sides. But Kiana insisted that she didn’t blame Tom and Wilson for Chet’s behavior. “You cannot blame your parents for everything. His parents gave him a wonderful life, which many kids don’t even experience,” Parker told the tabloid.

What’s Going On With Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson?

Here’s the thing: Chet Hanks didn’t make a great case for himself. While the magazine isolated the small portion of Chet’s messages that mentioned his parents, it doesn’t properly explain the full context. In those messages, Chet was trying to justify his own abusive behavior. His girlfriend at the time detailed months of abuse from Chet and was eventually granted a restraining order against him.

So, no, his comments weren’t really about his parents at all. He does not speak for his father. The actor has also come under fire for making racially insensitive comments and spreading COVID misinformation. We wouldn’t take his word on the state of his parents’ marriage without additional evidence to back it up. And since none of the other three Hanks children have ever echoed Chet’s behavior or sentiments, it doesn’t seem like there was ever a strong case for this “wife from hell” title.

The Tabloid On Other Celebrity Marriages

We are definitely skeptical of anything In Touch writes about celebrity couples. Last year, the outlet claimed Reese Witherspoon was desperately trying to avoid divorce from her husband. Then the magazine reported Will Smith’s marriage was on its last leg. And more recently, the publication claimed Princess Charlene was seeking a divorce from Prince Albert. Obviously, In Touch doesn’t really have the insight into celebrity marriages that it pretends to.


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