Dubious Source Says David Hasselhoff Apparently Desperate For Plastic Surgery After 70th Birthday

David Hasselhoff just turned 70. Good for him! One rumor says he just got a plastic surgery overhaul on his face so he can look young again. Here’s what we know.

‘Old Age Is Hassling The Hoff!’

According to the Globe, Hasselhoff is desperately trying to stave off aging by receiving a series of surgeries to life his face. The outlet makes sure to note that the Baywatch star owes his ravaged looks to years of alcoholism. He infamously ate a cheeseburger off the floor in a 2007 video. “Since then David has been good about sticking to a healthy diet and exercise regime, but this surgery overhaul was the icing on the cake,” a source reveals.

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A plastic surgeon who has not treated Hasselhoff believes he got fillers, Botox, and a facelift. Hasselhoff is apparently determined to look young beside his 42-year-old wife Haley Roberts. A source concludes, “Right now he’s feeling like a new man. He’s always considered himself a real stud, only now he’s got to work a lot harder to keep up.”

Is David Hasselhoff Desperate?

First of all, what bearing does the 2007 burger video have on this story? The tabloid goes so far as to print a still image from the video, so it really wants to remind you it happened. The Globe only mentions this incident as a way of attacking Hasselhoff. The embarrassing video did cause Hasselhoff to seek help for alcoholism, but that was 15 years ago. Even if he did get plastic surgery at 70, there’s absolutely no reason to mention the video except to insult him. Legitimate news stories would not bring it up.

It also compares a photo of Hasselhoff now to a publicity still from his Knight Rider days in the early 1980s. It’s comparing photos 40 years apart as a means of proving recent surgery, and that’s just absurd. Here’s a photo of Hasselhoff taken from his Instagram in July.

Now here’s a publicity shot from August 2021. Does he look all that different to you? We don’t think so.

Over the last 40 years, Hasselhoff has had work done, but his face did not change dramatically in the last eight weeks. This is just another lame tabloid story attacking the Spongebob Squarepants Movie star for having the gall to turn 70.

The Source Of Plastic Surgery Attacks

The Globe is obsessed with plastic surgery, and it constantly attacks celebrities over how their faces look. Last year, it claimed Julianne Hough went overboard. Before that, Goldie Hawn supposedly looked ruined and Shirley MacLaine was unrecognizable. Tabloids love beating a dead horse, so the cacophony of plastic surgery comes as no surprise.

In all likelihood, someone at the Globe noticed Hasselhoff had a birthday, so it stuck his name in a standard plastic surgery story to fill in some blanks. He doesn’t seem obsessed with youth, so we’re debunking this story.

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