Dubious Source Says Drew Barrymore Apparently ‘Cozying Up’ To A Former Co-Star After ‘Public Flirtfest’


Is Drew Barrymore trying to set up a date with an old friend? One tabloid claims the actress has her sights set on her former co-star. Here’s what we know about the rumored romance.

Drew Barrymore Pursuing Unexpected A-Lister?

A recent edition of Woman’s Day reports Drew Barrymore has her sights set on her old Poison Ivy co-star Leonardo DiCaprio. Barrymore recently posted a throwback photo of DiCaprio staring at her at the 2010 Golden Globe awards captioned, “Oh hey Leo! Didn’t know you were clocking me! Loved you since we met as teenagers on the set of Poison Ivy! Lately in life I keep thinking this credo, ‘Leave it better than you found it,’ that might be a perfect summary of you! We’re all better for having you in the world! And on this planet.”

And sources say Barrymore’s friends are poking fun at her flirty post, but are ultimately supportive. “Drew’s friends are teasing her over what is a blatant flirty post,” an insider dishes. “And she’s not ashamed of it. Drew thought he was hot ever since they met as teenagers, back when he was a total unknown. She jokes that her movie made his career, so he could at least buy a girl a drink!”

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But the tipster adds that Barrymore isn’t just fishing for romance. “She’s hoping that her cheeky Instagram play for Leo might actually lead somewhere good, though,” the snitch spills. “She likes the idea of teaming up with him again for a rom-com… They’d be the perfect pairing.”

Was Drew Barrymore Flirting With DiCaprio?

Here’s the thing: Drew Barrymore’s post was completely random, and people totally read it as flirty. That much is for sure, but we have no reason to believe she’s really pursuing any kind of romance with DiCaprio. For all we know, it was just a playful, albeit random, shoutout to an old co-star that she clearly admires.

Furthermore, it’s public knowledge that DiCaprio has been dating Camila Morrone since 2017. Since DiCaprio is spoken for, it’s obvious that nothing serious was going to come out of an Instagram post. So, there’s no reason to treat this as a genuine effort to pursue DiCaprio—who, on a side note, has never publicly dated anyone over the age of 25 until Morrone’s 25th birthday earlier this month.

And finally, this source’s remark about DiCaprio and Barrymore potentially starring in a romantic comedy was swiped directly from the comment section of Barrymore’s Instagram page. On that very post, one user wrote, “I still think you need to get him to make a romantic comedy with you. His female audience and yours too would love that!!!!!”

It’s clear that the magazine just wanted to spice up Barrymore’s cheeky post with a falsified “insider” testimony. But even if Barrymore does have a bit of a celebrity crush, there’s no reason to get caught up on that. Barrymore is a single mother who’s been astonishingly open about how hard it’s been to date. So, the idea of her publicly pursuing one of the most famous men in Hollywood seems outlandish at best.

The Tabloid On Leonardo DiCaprio

Of course, we wouldn’t trust Woman’s Day to report accurately anywhere Leonardo DiCaprio is concerned. The tabloid reported not once but twice that Camila Morrone was pregnant with the actor’s child. Then the magazine claimed DiCaprio and Morrone were engaged. And more recently, the publication alleged DiCaprio and Morrone broke up. Obviously, Woman’s Day is the last place we’d go for updates on DiCaprio’s love life.


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