Dubious Source Says Kevin Costner Supposedly Losing It Over Rumored Hair Transplant Woes


Is Kevin Costner going bald? The Yellowstone star has thinning hair for years, and he’s supposedly suffering from a transplant gone awry.

‘Cue-Ball Costner’s Hair Trigger!’

According to the National Enquirer, Costner is balding and is desperate to reclaim his status as a sex symbol. A source says, “He’s gone to great effort and expense to regain his full head of hair, but it’s time for another transplant procedure.” Costner’s last set of hair plugs has apparently failed, and it’s shattered his hunk image.

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At this point, Costner is supposedly desperate and trying anything to get his hair back. An insider says that he’s “even hanging upside down to increase the blood flow of his hair follicles. But he still seems destined for the bald men’s club!” While the Field of Dreams star seems to have chosen to suffer in silence, a permanent fix to his hair trouble would soothe his concerns, they conclude.

How Is Kevin Costner Doing?

To prove its point about Costner’s hair loss, the tabloid compares a photo of Costner from 2022 to a promotional still from Bull Durham. That was 34 years ago. Other than Paul Rudd, no one looks the same after 34 years. He’s lost some hair certainly, but he’s also sporting a strange haircut that isn’t exactly flattering.

The haircut is obviously his own hair though and not a toupee, so you can’t call him bald. At 67, he’s got considerably more hair than many men his age. If he’s chosen to get a hair transplant at some point, that’s not really any of our business. The Untouchables star is aging as you’d expect him to. He’s not showing up with Jason Momoa-style hair or anything, so it’s best not to give this story a second thought.

Many Hit Pieces

The Enquirer calls Costner obsessed with his hair, but the tabloid is the one studying skulls. It announced Demi Moore’s kids were trying to get her to change her hair, but it had no real insight into her life. It maintains that Prince Harry has hair implants because Meghan Markle is supposed to be obsessed with vanity.

There was another story we encountered about Gwen Stefani going bald because of hair bleach. None of these people are bald, and the many stories prove this is only a trope. It’s very common for tabloids to insult how stars look, and bashing hairlines is an easy way to do it. Hair transplants have gotten excellent in recent years. If Costner got a procedure done, we probably wouldn’t ever know.


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