Dubious Source Says Steve Harvey Apparently Broke Up Michael B. Jordan, Lori Harvey’s Relationship

Did Steve Harvey have a hand in his daughter’s recent breakup? One tabloid claims the true reason for Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey‘s recent split was her overbearing father. Let’s take a closer look at the claims.

Michael B. Jordan ‘Ditches’ Harvey Family?

The latest edition of the National Enquirer reports Michael B. Jordan has called it quits with Steve Harvey’s daughter Lori Harvey, and sources say the game show host is to blame. “Steve’s insanely protective of his daughter,” an insider spills. “A lot of people are surprised Michael lasted this long!”

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Apparently, the STEVE star was extremely overbearing, and he managed to push Jordan to his limits. “Steve constantly questioned Michael about everything,” a tipster confides. “He got way too personal about their friends, Michael’s long-term intentions, and even their sex lives. It got to be too much!”

Steve Harvey ‘Got Way Too Personal’?

This report is absolutely, positively false. While it’s true that Steve Harvey is protective of his daughter, according to the game show host, Jordan passed all of his tests with flying colors. In fact, when Jordan and Lori first started dating, Steve voiced his support. “This guy is not a representative. He is genuinely who he looks like he is,” he said about the Black Panther star. “It threw me off at first, because he was so kind.”

Harvey went on: “You know, I figure, ‘OK, this is the game right?’ But it wasn’t, man, this dude was sincere and he’s proven to be a really, really good, good guy. I’m pulling for him, you know, for them.”

And when news broke of his daughter’s breakup, Steve still didn’t have anything bad to say about Jordan. While his loyalty of course lies with Lori, he implied that he doesn’t blame Jordan for anything. “Things happen,” Harvey began. “It’s hard to be young and in the limelight and have a successful relationship. Look, as long as everybody can walk away in peace, be friends … I ain’t heard nobody say they busted no windows or nothing.”

And sources recently told People that Lori wasn’t ready to commit. “She still wants to have fun and be free,” the insider confided. “Michael is a great guy. She is sad that their relationship didn’t work out, but she is moving on.”

Clearly, Steve wasn’t the Harvey that put an end to the relationship. While the Family Feud host has been vocal about only wanting the best for his daughter, it’s clear that he doesn’t interfere with her relationships.

The Tabloid On Steve Harvey

Of course, we’ve learned that the National Enquirer‘s reports on Steve Harvey require an intense amount of scrutiny. Last year, the outlet reported Michael B. Jordan was fed up with Harvey’s “constant calls.” Then the magazine claimed Harvey’s alleged “horndog” ways were causing problems with his wife. And most recently, the publication alleged Harvey’s wife was begging him to stop flirting with a younger actress. Clearly, the Enquirer isn’t reliable anywhere Harvey is concerned.

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