Dubious Source Suggests Taylor Swift Supposedly Got Dumped By Longtime Boyfriend


Are Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift still together? One report says the “Betty” crooner has just been left behind. Here’s what we know.

‘Was Taylor Dumped?’

Per In Touch, Swift’s rocky love life seemed to find stability in Alwyn—until now. After six years of dating, Swift is apparently starting to doubt her feelings. A source says, “Taylor has hung in there for her fairytale ending, and it hasn’t come yet.” The lack of a ring is supposedly starting to weigh on her conscience.

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“She’s 32, and she thought she’d be married by now with a baby, if not at least planning a family, so she’s put pressure on Joe that if he doesn’t want to make things official, there’s no reason to stay together,” an insider reveals. 

Her ultimatum has allegedly fallen on deaf ears. Alwyn still supposedly has no intention of getting married because he’s having such a good time. A source concludes, “Friends are buzzing that he’s getting ready to dump her—if he hasn’t already. It seems their relationship is all but over.”

Is Taylor Swift Single?

This story was pretty suspicious, to begin with. Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are a very private couple, so it’s hard to imagine such intimate details of an ultimatum leaking to the press. Furthermore, why would Swift be fine with no ring at 31 then suddenly grow impatient at 32? It all felt fairly arbitrary.

In Touch has been hoisted by the dangers of print media. Less than a week after this story arrived, Swift and Alwyn were caught making out on the beach. Good for them! The PDA proves Swift certainly hasn’t been dumped yet. The tabloid simply got desperate for some Swift-related drama, so it invented an ultimatum. All is well in her world. If Swift does get dumped, you’ll see it on every newsstand in the country.

Too Many Rumors

After years of dating high-profile men, Swift has settled down with Alwyn. While there isn’t a ring on Swift’s finger yet, they show no signs of splitting up anytime soon. You’d think a total lack of drama would force In Touch to find new stories. You would be wrong.

In 2017, this tabloid claimed Swift was pregnant, but no baby ever arrived. In 2020, it printed a vulturous story about Swift and Alwyn rushing to the altar because her mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor. This tabloid seriously hoped to profit off Swift’s mother’s cancer. It’s despicable. Alwyn and Swift are still together, so this story is false.


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