Educational Platform Webdelics Provides Science-Backed Information About Psychedelics and Its Uses


For decades psychedelics were dismissed by doctors as “hippie” drugs that warp the perception of reality. However, in recent years, scientific studies have shown that these drugs have extensive benefits in medical therapies. Finally, their uses are now being explored in trauma research and for mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Still, the use of psychedelic drugs is yet to be widely accepted. To help bridge the gap, Webdelicsdestigmatizes psychedelics and educates the general populace about their numerous benefits and applications. The legalization of psychedelics is slow yet inevitable – and companies like Webdelics hope to steer the emerging industry in the direction of informed and respectful use.

Although it does not condone the use of illegal substances, Webdelics is a platform designed to educate people about psychedelics and their many applications. “It is our intention that by providing users with unbiased information and trustworthy resources, we can work to reframe the narrative around these potentially life-changing medicines,” shared the minds behind the forward-thinking platform. Melding the latest science-backed information with storytelling, Webdelics is changing the worldview on alternative medicine.

At Webdelics, all users are welcome whether they are interested in psychedelic therapy for mental health, biohacking, spiritual growth or alternative treatment for issues like addiction. The creators of the platform equip users with heavily cited, unbiased information through a combination of science-backed articles, videos, infographics, community content and a spellbinding podcast.

In addition, the platform offers an inclusive community where experts can share their wisdom, innovators can share tools for the journey, and everyday people can share their stories – the good and the challenging aspects of their psychedelic experiences. The supportive, compassionate community is a space where people can express their opinions and thoughts without fear of discrimination.

For example, one of the platform’s learning modalities is a community forum where everyday people and experts can ask, answer, and share their knowledge. In addition, the community can upvote the best answers and share them across platforms.

As explained by its developers, Webdelics promotes the community’s spirit of togetherness. “At our core, we are integrative. Integrative means ‘serving to unify separate things.’ We believe allopathic practice, Eastern modalities, and psychedelics can all play a role in the individual’s healing journey.”

With the Webdelics community on YouTube and Instagram, any moment can be a learning experience to be shared with others. In the coming years, Webdelics aims to continue providing accredited information and knowledge about psychedelics and alternative medicine to boost awareness and community-building further.

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