Ellen Posted Video Of tWitch Going Through A Pain Women Relate To


Ellen DeGeneres has spent the past five days celebrating the life of her late sidekick, tWitch. On December 13, the actor, hip-hop dancer, and TV personality died in what has been ruled a suicide.

As a way to remember one of her favorite people, DeGeneres has been posting daily pictures and videos of her departed sidekick and friend.

As DeGeneres said in a recent Instagram post, “Right now what I want to do is remember all the love and laughter I had with tWitch. He brought so much joy to my life. I know he brought joy to yours too.”

Even in death, tWtich is adding joy and laughter to our lives. In one of the videos DeGeneres posted of the late actor, tWitch brings more than a smile to our faces. In fact, he’s reminding us how cathartic laughter can be in grief.

After the late actor was cast in Magic Mike XXL a few years ago, tWitch went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to share with fans what he was going to have to go through for the movie—the late actor was going to have his entire body waxed!

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As he shared with the comedian, “I have to be waxed from neck to toe. The whole…thing,” tWitch remarked. And by whole thing, he meant every single part of his body below his neck. Yes, everywhere.

Since filming was to begin the following week, tWitch needed to be waxed immediately. Of course that meant that DeGeneres had the “best waxer,” Brianne, come to the show and wax tWitch live on TV.

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Apparently, this was tWitch’s first waxing, and the warmth of the wax surprised him. DeGeneres asked the star if he was ready. After his affirmative reply, the hair removal began, tWitch could only scream on repeat, “Oh my god!”

Obviously, the dancer wasn’t prepared for what waxing actually involves. “Why do you keep doing that over and over again?” he asked Brianne, dismayed that his entire leg couldn’t be waxed in one fell swoop. “Is that not it? Oh my god!” he screamed for the umpteenth time.

Once waxing was completed on one section of the actor’s right leg, he couldn’t believe it. “I have a whole new appreciation for those who do that,” tWitch remarked.

After that, tWitch had more hair removed from his right leg. Only this time, he was breathing in unison with DeGeneres instead of screaming. “Woo!” he kept saying, while practicing Lamaze breathing.

As DeGeneres laughed along with tWitch in the video and the audience laughed hysterically at the actor being a good sport, it’s no wonder that DeGeneres is paying homage to her late sidekick in the best way she knows how. Turns out, laughter just may be the best medicine.

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