Entrepreneur Arounen Murdhen collaborates with Singaporean Elite Investor William Wang to launch “Crypto for Dummies”


Digital money has made its place in this new era of technology, and it is here to stay! Arounen Murdhen, CEO of Meta World and author of the recently launched book ‘Crypto For Dummies’ firmly believes in the above statement. Along with William Wang, the founder of the exclusive blockchain company Meta World, they have a vision for the new generation; one which is transcripted in their book.

Metaworld is giving a new direction to traditional businesses and rejuvenating them by helping these entities transition in the world of web3.0.  It is one of the fast-growing and up-and-coming blockchain development companies in the industry. Targeted at the best correlation between the quality of services and price, Meta World has worked with several very strong utility and security token projects helping to successfully achieve their ICO goals through their strong marketing capabilities. The team makes use of SEO techniques and high-performing marketing algorithms in order to achieve those goals. Web 3.0 is the third version of the internet, which many tech enthusiasts have been excitedly talking about for years. The expansion of web3 has successfully attracted the attention of top tech companies such as Meta World. The company is creating opportunities for traditional businesses to catch the wave of this new and expanding technology.  The company’s vision is to create a better world. While it is already proving itself in the world of blockchain, the company is going beyond by investing heavily in multiple projects in Thailand in line with its vision to create a better world.

Meta World is also currently heavily involved in the development of DMK Avenue and a Cafe at Siam International School. DMK Avenue is a community mall right next to Don Mueang International Airport. The mall is currently under development and is a new landmark for Bangkok Thailand for both international tourists and domestic tourists to visit. This shopping mall brands itself as the hub of entertainment and fun for people of all ages. DMK Avenue focuses on creating an experience for everyone who walks into the mall. Other than its wholesale-retail market, the shopping mall will comprise of multiple restaurants, beverage shops, tutoring institutes and franchise businesses. DMK avenue is the one-stop shop for all your needs. Meta World has been heavily involved in the development of shopping since it has started.

‘Crypto For Dummies’ as the title implies, will teach everything you need to know about blockchain technology, smart contracts, bitcoin, metaverse, and cryptocurrencies. It is not only addressed to those who are new to this concept but also provides tips and tricks to those who are already familiar with it. Unlike other books on the market, ‘Crypto For Dummies’ caters to everything you need to know before you start investing, and even provides you with solutions if anything ever goes wrong. It is the ultimate guide for beginners who wish to join the 21st-century digital rush.

Since the past few years, it is predicted that cryptocurrencies will ultimately become the primary economic system across the world. This is definitely a future to look forward to, but to make it happen the work starts today. This is only possible with the right guidance, as well as safe, clever, and also cautious investments. ‘Crypto For Dummies’ allows you to take a conservative but at the same time liberal approach to this market. It is the best investment you will make today. The book teaches you how the bear and bull markets operate and how you can benefit from them. From the first chapter itself, you will be able to understand the potential impact cryptocurrencies are going to have on the system.

In the world today, there are more and more crypto transactions happening than there have ever been before. Numerous choices and opportunities are available in the current market and this book is here to prepare you to capitalize on those. After reading it, you will be in a better position to join the game all by yourself.

‘Crypto For Dummies’ is now available on Amazon to start a journey into this revolutionary industry today. One does not need to know every in-depth detail to get started, this is why in this book you get what is needed to take advantage of this golden opportunity – that is precise but concise information!

For those who have missed the internet revolution, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are your chances to tap into the riches of the world. It is a golden opportunity to have a foot in the market and monetize the potential of this marvelous technology. CEO of Metaworld Arounen Murdhen together with the founder William Wang have realized that the world is changing. They are using their knowledge and fortune to create a better world. They are constantly helping traditional businesses tap into web3.0 and are through their book helping more people adopt web3.0 technologies.

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