Erin Andrews Shares The Product That Saved Her Thinning Hair


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Sports reporter and broadcaster Erin Andrews may have made it big in her career, but she’s also faced many personal challenges along the way. After eight years at ESPN, Andrews made an emotional transition to Fox Sports this year.

However, Andrews has also been open about other personal obstacles she’s faced, such as her extraordinarily difficult fertility journey. Having undergone seven rounds of in vitro fertilization (IVF), the veteran sportscaster recently spoke to Shape about the unexpected side effects she experienced, such as hair loss and thinning.

While many common side effects of IVF exist, including mild pelvic and abdominal pain and weight gain, experts disagree over whether hair loss is a direct result of the treatment. Many believe that the underlying causes of infertility, such as polycystic ovary syndrome or thyroid disorders, are the true culprit behind hair loss and thinning rather than the IVF process itself.

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Andrews maintains that her hair appeared less healthy, full, and voluminous after multiple IVF cycles. She hopes to end the stigma by speaking out about hair loss as she has about cervical cancer and infertility in the past.

She has also found an amazing hair growth brand that’s brought her hair back to life, and she’s eager to share the news.

As a sports reporter, Andrews always has to be camera-ready. As her hair began to suffer from constant coloring, extensions, and heat styling, her hair stylists Nutrafol, one of the top dermatologist-recommended hair growth treatments.

Using only natural ingredients, this hassle-free supplement makes hair noticeably stronger, thicker, and more lustrous when taken regularly. Nutrafol targets a variety of factors within the body to treat hair loss, including stress, hormones, and aging. In addition, this multi-targeting supplement also works to improve sleep, energy, and skin health.

When it comes to promoting hair growth, Nutrafol does a lot of the heavy lifting, but Andrews also highlighted other ways you can keep your strands healthy. As we all need a vacation from time to time, so do your precious locks.

Don’t overdo it on coloring or using hot tools, and try incorporating a scalp mask such as Nutrafol’s Build-Up Blocker. With this exfoliating mask, you can eliminate impurities and preserve the scalp microbiome.

It’s Andrews’s mission to normalize talking about hair struggles among women by partnering with Nutrafol’s Shed the Silence campaign. She advised women to talk to others about dealing with hair thinning and loss rather than going it alone.

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