Eve Hewson Reveals What Her Father Bono Thought About Her Showbiz Career


Eve Hewson is one of Hollywood’s most interesting up-and-coming actresses, but did you know her parents were not excited about her potential acting career? Hewson recently revealed why her mom and dad—rockstar Bono—wanted her life to go in a different direction. 

Hewson’s Acting Career

Hewson, Bono and Ali Hewson’s second daughter, made her acting debut in 2005. She and her older sister Jordan appeared in the short film Lost and Found. Three years later, Hewson made her feature-length film debut in The 27 Club.

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The actress has starred in movies like Bridge of Spies, Enough Said, and Robin Hood, as well as TV shows like The Knick and Behind Her Eyes. She also got to star in a music video for The Script’s single “For The First Time.” Hewson has found success in the entertainment industry, but her parents were initially against her acting dreams. 

Hewson Reveals Rockstar Dad Wanted Her ‘To Be A Lawyer Or Architect’

While appearing on the Today show, Hewson shared that they didn’t want her to go to acting school (she graduated from New York University in 2013). “I think they wanted me to be a lawyer or architect, something normal and fancy,” Hewson laughed. 

“And I think, when I was a teenager, saying I wanted to be an actress, I don’t know if they believed me,” the actress continued. “So it was a little bit of reverse psychology. They were like, ‘Are you sure? I don’t think you should do it.’ They wanted to see how badly I wanted to do it.”

Her Parents’ Conditions For Letting Her Go To Acting School

Hewson managed to convince her mom and dad that she was serious about acting, but they still had some stipulations. “They only let me audition for NYU,” she explained. “Every other college, I had to apply for academic stuff. So it was like, if I don’t get in [to NYU], that’s it. It’s over.”

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Luckily, Hewson didn’t have to give up on her dreams. “I got in. I smashed that audition,” she laughed. She’s currently promoting her latest acting role in the Apple+ series Bad Sisters. Bono might not have wanted his daughter to go into the entertainment industry, but it seems like it all worked out!

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